Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 5

How about a sort of mid-week review of sorts?

Exercise: I've been omitting this in my logs for this experiment since the focus is on food. However, I've been doing my typical amount of exercise of walking 2-4 miles a day during lunch or in the evening. I'm not doing anything that requires more exertion than that because I tend to get REALLY hungry at that point and could eat small children.

Fruits and veggies:  I think I do quite well in this area. No one has pointed out that I'm weak here, so I'm going with the theory that this aspect is on target.

Food intolerances: Not supposed to eat gluten or dairy or a few other things but gluten and dairy are hard enough.  I do decently with the gluten aspect (I am quite proud how I've cut back over the past 2 years).  Dairy is a lot more difficult. Don't like milk, but I LOVE cheese and ice cream.  Should have had a sno cone last night for dessert instead of ice cream, but the sno cone maker is loud and she was near bedtime, and that would have made a hullaboo, she would have wanted a sno cone too, blah blah blah.  Still, need to work on the dairy more.

Protein: Need to increase. Not a fan of red meat.  Do like poultry and fish. Not that much of a fan of eggs. Really not a fan of tofu.  I do like those "fake" burgers - bean burgers, Morningstar, even some boca.  Like Luna bars. Like certain nuts. Really like beans.

Sweets: Have to replace, ideally with protein.

Haven't learned anything earth shaking yet - i.e., need to eat less crap, more protein. I already knew that, especially the eat less crap part. My diet is mainly fruits, veggies, a little bit of protein in the form of chicken & fish, I actually do stay away from a lot of processed lunch/dinner food (i.e. Hamburger Helper sorts of things, frozen dinners, etc.), but I can eat the entire junk food aisles of the grocery store. It's a weird dichotomy.

Okay, here we go for Friday.

I tried really hard to get protein in for breakfast.  Actually, I'm kind of nauseous after eating my breakfast, which means I'm. Not. Hungry.  Mission accomplished.

10 oz of OJ mixed with 1 serving of brown rice protein powder (what an awful way to ruin OJ, but I'm not supposed to mix protein powder with milk or yogurt)
2 slices of swiss (cheese is just fat and protein, my other breakfast items didn't have much - if any - fat)
a lot of that egg white crap in a carton, mixed with mango peach salsa

As I said, feeling kind of nauseous.  Not hungry though.  I estimate I ate 600-650 calories for breakfast, which is far more than I typically eat for breakfast. About 40 grams of protein in the breakfast, which is again far more than I typically eat - definitely for breakfast, that may even exceed what I would normally eat throughout a regular day.

2 pears
5 gobstoppers

Hot chocolate
3 more pieces of candy

2 corn tortillas
ample amount of leftover soup with cheese

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