Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Principle on Principal

You miss my rants, don't you?  Last week was a nervewracking week, so that's why I copped out with a food journal. It kept my real-life angst from being inflicted on here.

This week I'm back to being snarky and back with all of my bottled up rage.  Be prepared.

I called up our mortgage company to talk about refinancing today.  For what it's worth, I'm a refinancing whore.  If we do indeed refinance, this would be our THIRD refinance in less than 2 years.  Whore whore whore, at least I admit it.

The mortgage banker sent me an e-mail somewhat addressing what I needed. 

He spelled the loan principal amount as "principle."  As we all know, principles deal with ethics. Principals are administrators at schools, and "principal" is also the spelling of the amount outstanding on your loan.  You can make arguments using a principle, not so much with mortgage principal. For some reason, his misspelling of a common industry word in his profession completely irritates me.  This would be like if I owned a paper goods store and said I owned a "stationary" store instead of a stationery store. 

I know I have issues. You know I have issues. We concur. That's good.

Then he couldn't answer one of my questions, which was a perfectly reasonable question, at least in my estimation.  We would be getting cash back at closing due to negative discount points (having a voluntary higher interest rate than the going rate). I asked if we could lower our mortgage principal amount by the refund amount.  He had no idea and said he'd get back to me soon.  He's been a mortgage banker for at least a year (I dealt with him during the last refinance), and he cannot answer that question?   And he cannot get back to me with the answer within 6 hours?

Now I'm rethinking the refinance thing completely, purely because I don't want to deal with him.  I could try a different bank, but do I have any reasonable assurance that I'll be dealing with someone more competent?

You are probably wondering how I even got married with my clearly unrealistic expectations about how people are supposed to operate in their daily roles. I recently asked my husband how he evades my wrath because one might think he would be in the doghouse quite frequently in his husband role.  He's not really in trouble much, if ever. Exasperating occasionally? Yes. Outright incompetent? No. He said that he never overpromises anything to me because when people tell me they'll do something and end up NOT doing it - that's when I get mad.  And spell check. I think he uses spell check when he writes me.   

He's completely correct.  As long as you 1) do what you say you're going to do, 2) don't resign from a WwF game while I'm ahead, and 3) spell reasonably well, I will tolerate you.  Maybe.  Be aware that I can add more qualifiers to this list at any time because it's a woman's right to change her mind.  :)

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