Friday, September 23, 2011

Bathing Suit Challenge

Before this week, the last bathing suit I bought was in 1991.  Back in 1991, there were neon flowers involved. There were tears involved.  It was bad all around.  I was sad, dejected and possibly emotionally scarred after the experience.

Flash forward 20 - yes, 20 - years, and I finally replaced the 1991 era bathing suit.  Lest you think I've been wearing the 1991 bathing suit for the past 20 years, let me clarify.  I wore the circa 1991 bathing suit a few times and retired it when I turned 16 or 17.  It hasn't seen the light of day since.  I merely haven't worn a bathing suit AT ALL.   Lest you think I've become a skinny dipper, let's say that hasn't the foreseeable past, at least.  ;) 

If you combine a clearance sale with an impulse decision, I am now the proud owner of a two piece bathing suit circa 2011.  I probably need to lose 15 lbs if I even want to wear the bathing suit in public (probably 40 lbs would be preferable, but let's get at least semi realistic...).  So that's my mission.  I'm forcing myself to wear the new bathing suit in public in 2012, and the threat of looking like a beached whale will hopefully scare me into putting down those Rolos.  Mmmmm....Rolos.  Well, maybe I'll start with something more innocuous, like liver and work my way toward the Rolos.

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