Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 7

Today is the last day of the experiment.  Yay!

corn tortilla
serving of chicken tortilla soup
a few servings of potato chips
Heath bits
2 small bags of dehydrated fruit
2 nectarines
more soup


Wendy said...

So, what are your conclusions, having just ended said experiment? Has weight been stable?

Quietly Subversive said...

Weight has been the same although sometimes it takes a week or so for anything to show up at the scale.

I didn't learn anything earthshaking:

1. Need more protein.
2. Need to plan food better so I don't starve and then binge. As long as I have good food readily available, I don't feel the need to snack as much.

Wendy said...

Do you tire of the same foods regularly? Or do you really like chicken tortilla soup? Just curious.

I eat egg whites with spinach and a V8 every morning without fail and M finds it quite amusing.

Quietly Subversive said...

REALLY like the chicken tortilla soup, made two batches in the past week.

If I really like a food, I can eat it regularly. Most fruits and veggies rotate what's in season and what's on sale, and I eat whatever's on sale. I'd say for everything else, I kind of get fixated on one thing for a week or two, then get tired of it, then find a new fixation.

That's a healthy breakfast! I don't think I could stomach for more than 2 days in a row. Now if you put lots of cheese on the egg whites and turned the V8 juice into orange juice, that could work.

Wendy said...

If the soup is so dang good, you must share the recipe!

Quietly Subversive said...

I did - I posted it on FB.