Tuesday, November 24, 2009

To Do List

My mind has been racing with lots of things I need to do, but I haven't had a chance to consolidate everything into one cohesive list. I think I'm so overwhelmed that I'm making a list of the types of lists I need to make.

* Julia dr list (schedule 18 month, contact food therapist)
* Julia Christmas list (Magnadoodle - thanks LA for the idea!, I really want to get the Little People Amusement Park for her too ($20 at Target this week), already got her 2 small toys (shape sorter & Mrs. Potato Head), she's good on clothes so might that be it for her? I think in the summer, for her birthday, we'll get her a tricycle. Are we lame that we don't get our daughter much?
* S Christmas list: he still wants that office supply - need to get it. And a few stocking stuffers (toiletries). Gosh, we're lame.
* Work on that excrutiatingly long list o' crap that the loan officer needs. And pronto. Also need to send in that title document.
* Utility changeovers: call PSE, City of T Town, Click Cable & Advanced Stream (wireless) - make sure they are through 12/17, and we start 12/18.
* Downgrade current house garbage service once we move out. Also adjust thermostat.
* Figure out who we're going with to sell this house
* Long list of things to do to this house before we sell (mow, edge, paint pantry wall, paint bathroom ceiling, caulk skylight, move more furniture out, and so on)

Well, that's tonight's list. I think that's all that's going through my mind right now.


Melissa said...

Audrey isn't getting much this year either. Garrison is getting spoiled rotten. She doesn't really play with toys too much. She'll probably get 5 or 6 toys and some clothes. But, her birthday is in February, and we'll probably spoil her rotten.

Karin said...

colin isn't getting much from us for christmas either. he'll get spoiled by other relatives, so so far it's just a few wooden musical toys and a pair of slippers that are too big (so he can put them on himself).

Miss J's Mom said...

I think this will be the last year we can go light for Christmas with the tiny tot, so I'll appreciate it now and make up for it in later years.