Sunday, November 15, 2009

Enjoying house limbo

Being in house limbo doesn't seem nearly as stressful as making a decision. We'll likely know Tuesday whether we're going to make the leap or not. It helps that my mother the Rational Decision Maker thinks we should go forward with the house. She's probably even more cautious than I am, so if she thinks it's a good deal and worth it, then we should at least keep pursuing it.

Here are some pictures that S took while doing the home inspection. You wanted pictures, right??? There are no master bedroom pictures because the wife is ill and lives in there, and's very awkward to take pictures of an ill person in bed.

The view from what would be Julia's room:

The view from the living room (see, isn't it better than the view from the deck, which was posted a few days ago?):

The next two are the family room and the kitchen.

Ordinarily I like yellow, but there's something about this yellow that I don't like. Or maybe it's just not the color I want to see in a kitchen or family room. Any ideas on what color would work well? I was thinking standard tan would contrast well with the white. Or maybe sage, but greens are really difficult to get right. I do love the family room (especially with all those built-ins and the brick wall), but it's a logistical nightmare for putting a TV. The cable jack is in that top cabinet, which will likely hold a 27" TV. You can't put the cable through the brick, and the door to outside is on the other wall. Hmmmm.... You see the couch there? That is staying, and we were going to move it to the basement. There are fluorescent lights in the kitchen, as well as the laundry room. Those would definitely need to be changed.

The laundry room is huge. It's also outdated and has fluorescent lights, but you can't win them all.

Stairs...duh. Can you just see Julia coming down in her prom dress? I'm a sucker for spiral staircases. Not such a fan of the chandelier, but as I keep saying, you can't win everything.

In this one, you're standing right next to the window in the formal living room. Fireplace to the immediate right, and french doors to the den a little farther down. You can see the entry way and the stairs. Formal dining to the left (again, not fond of the chandelier there either) and you can see the entrance to the kitchen. I really like the color in here and think it would look good extended to the kitchen and family room. Or would that be too boring?

Wet bar in basement. There's also cabinets below the counter that's in the front of the picture.

One of the bedrooms in basement (there's a view of the sound from that window as well). And bathroom in basement. There are actually double sinks in this bathroom though the picture doesn't show it. Will need a bit of work, but it's certainly acceptable to put guests.

And that's all the pictures S could sneak in since the owner was following him around.


Leigh Ann said...

How beautiful!!! I love the views!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

I love it. The views are worth it alone. Gorgeous!

Ann said...

It is so nice Beth! Those views are amazing. It is such a good deal :)

Krista said...

Awesome! I hope it works out.

Karin said...

i'[m with you on the yellow being weird. generally i think neutrals are better - you can add color with decor. love the arches in the living room/dining room. and the spiral staircase! oh!