Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Let the leaves fall where they may

This sinus infection is kicking my butt. I can deal with the pain, but the full sinuses make me feel dizzy and disoriented all day. My throat is so sore too. My own darn fault for sharing utensils with a little girl who is also a petri dish. Last night I crawled into bed by 7:45pm and didn't wake up til 6am. That's a nice little prescription. I'd like that every night. But then things like blogging wouldn't happen if I went to sleep that early every night!

Today at lunch I took a nice long walk. I love long walks. It was a perfect day for walking - not cold, the crunch of the autumn leaves beneath your feet, very few people out. I was astounded by all the leaf blowers though. There was a guy with this industrial leafblower on the walking trail, and I saw another one near work. Ugh, leaf blowers! Maybe I'm bitter because leaf blowers are the reason for many truncated naps in our household. Or maybe I just do not have an affinity for gas-powered noise makers. I don't really get the concept. Why temporarily displace autumn leaves? They're so pretty. If they are piled 3 inches high, use a rake, fool. Don't be polluting the environment and hurting people's ears because you're too lazy to rake them. Oh, and walking trails do NOT need to be leafblown.

Tomorrow evening we're looking at a house. I'm such an apathetic househunter. I think it's because we have a perfectly fine house, and I am infinitely lazy. The prospect of selling our current house, packing, moving, unpacking has really no appeal to me. So why move? Well, the market is low right now, and if we can pick up a good deal (i.e., house with a water view that has more space), why not take advantage of it?


Ann said...

Haha, Chet has a leaf blower. Last year for his 15th work anniversary, he was torn between a gas grill and a leaf blower. Of course this summer he regretted his decision. But you have seen our backyard. Raking was very time consuming. And leaving them isn't an option. We wouldn't find Toby until the spring thaw. Plus, they just get blown into the woods to play with their leaf friends. Have fun tonight! You now how I love looking at houses. I am on Windermere more than Facebook. Since my current employment status renders us unable to take advantage of the market right now, I have to live vicariously through you:)

Miss J's Mom said...

Looking at the house got postponed. They are too stressed about cleaning it by tonight....