Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nobody Backs Us Into a Corner

Much of the day has been fretting. We saw the house at lunchtime. The views are marvelous. From every room (sans the den and bathrooms), you can see the water, the mountains, and Seattle skyscrapers. Some cosmetic work, but we've got time...

S and I ran the number a bazillion different ways today. Then we finally took a step back and separate the numbers into short-term (til our current house sells) and long-term (after our current house sells).

The sellers chose our offer to counter. They countered with some stuff that made us uncomfortable. Nothing bad, and they seem like decent people, it's just going down a road we don't want to go down.

When we were there looking at the house again today, another real estate agent came by with people to look at the house. Our real estate agent thinks it's the other offer that we beat out. She thinks they are going to raise their offer. That is why she is advocating we just take the seller's counter offer. If we accept the counter, we have won - it's a done deal.

Again, accepting the counter as is makes us nervous because we're just not comfortable with all of the provisions.

So, against our real estate agent's advice, we are countering. S and I both feel good about it. We feel we can sleep at night with what we offered, and we feel we tried to meet their needs while meeting our needs.

I'm sure our agent is pissed with us that we just didn't take it as is. Because this means they can accept all offers again right now. And, you know what, that's fine.

Real estate agent will be here in 2 hours, we'll do our counter to the counter, and if it's accepted, GREAT! If it's rejected, we won't be heartbroken.

More waiting, but this time I don't feel nearly as panicky.


April said...

we house shopped for like a year...our real estate agent hates us :-) Keeping my fingers crossed for you! Always remember that your agent just wants to you buy a house so that they can get paid..they generally are not too terribly concerned with how you sleep at night about what decisions you make.

Karin said...

Nice job standing your ground! Are you using the same agent? The one you referred us to waaayyyy back when? Can't remember her name. She drove a cream colored real estate agent boat.

Pre-approvals? escalator clauses? wow - it really is different shopping down here!