Friday, November 6, 2009

The People of Winco

I went to Winco tonight and even took a picture. Within the span of 2 aisles, I saw three people in pajama pants - as in fleecey pants in pastel colors with cows and bears on them. One even had on slippers. But I wasn't brave enough to take pictures. Taking pictures with an iPhone is not something you can do subtly. Then there's that the giveaway picture click sound effect, which I haven't figured out how to disable.

What I did take a picture of was a couple with two very, very full carts. They must shop once every few months. I was in a different check-out lane and had been fascinated by them for the whole shopping trip and had an opportunity to finally take a picture. I still haven't figured out if they live far away & come every few months for the deals or if they're on food stamps (it is the 6th of the month, after all). If they are on food stamps, two overflowing shopping carts had to take most of their food stamp money for the month. I don't mind if those on food stamps shop at Winco at all because you can get more for the money. It's just that you don't want to be line behind them. If they're on WIC as well as food stamps, that's 3 separate transactions plus the cashier verifying all their WIC items.

Here's the pic. There's a couple a few checkout lanes away. The guy is blocking one cart and there's a woman behind the other cart. 2 full carts!

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