Saturday, November 7, 2009

Grocery Shopping Escapades

I finally got the Winco picture posted!

Today I spent a lot on food. I did get a lot though. Our panty is a bit embarrassing right now. Ummm, I have 72 cans of Progresso soup, 20 cans of tuna fish & 30 cans of beans. It's kind of like I'm getting ready for a month-long blizzard or, as S says, I'm 9.5 years late to Y2K.

This morning S had to go to his tae kwon do competition. QFC was having a Saturday only sale, and Safeway was having a Saturday & Sunday sale. I thought that they might run out of some things, so I should probably go early. I tried to feed Julia breakfast with limited success (she's not a morning eater plus she doesn't eat much anyway), got her dressed, and we hit the stores.

I did have a plan. I had my list of things to get at each store. I took my coupons in the organizer, and I had a $5 off coupon for Safeway in my organizer + I separately had 4 coupons for free items at Safeway if I spent $50.

* Get to QFC. They had a promotion that if you spent $10, you could buy a gallon of milk for $1, get a free 2-liter of 7-up, and get a turkey for 29 cents a pound. They were also running a promotion that if you bought 10 mix & match items from a certain list of foods, you would get $5 off (or 50 cents off per item). I spent some time going through the store getting my mix 'n match items. Like I wanted some egg rolls but could NOT find them. So I had to substitute another item for the egg rolls. I had a coupon for $1 off Activia. After the mix 'n match discount, Activia was $1.50 for a 4-pack. After the coupon, it was only 50 cents! My original bill was $71, but I got out of QFC for only $22.50, including a 20 lb turkey, milk, 7-up & 10 mix 'n match items. Woot woot! I like our QFC because they are very good at customer service. Julia wanted out of the cart as I approached the check-out line. I was holding her and trying to pay (thank goodness you don't have to unload the cart there...they do it). The cashier insisted taking my cart to my car to help me out. I've never had that happen before. So nice! My only complaint with QFC is they kinda arrange their food in a funky way. Like I'm used to pancake mix being in the baking aisle next to flour or cake mixes. In QFC, pancakes have their own section in a different aisle than baking. Their pumpkin puree is with canned veggies, and again I'm used to pumpkin puree being in baking near pie filling. And I never did find those egg rolls...

* Then off to Safeway. I was planning on buying $50 worth of food because if you bought $50 worth of food you got $10 in free Kohls' dollars, 4 free items (eggs, bacon, bread & OJ), and I had a $5 off coupon if I spent $50. Stupid stupid me didn't have the coupons for the 4 free times with my other coupons, so I forgot. Safeway's doing a remodel right now, and they are switching all of their aisle contents around. Ugh! Julia was getting restless and NOT wanting to sit in the cart. And Julia's previous infant teacher Alyssa was working at the Starbucks in the store, and we stopped to chat with her. I just got unfocused and lost track of those free coupons. They had a great deal on Progresso soups, and I eat those at work a lot. Low points, filling. Safeway had a lot of deals going on this week that were Buy 2, Get 3 Free. Yet the ad didn't tell you what the price was for them, so you had to do the math at the store. Not difficult, but with a restless toddler and trying to find the right just made things more difficult. I got a buttload of soup, tuna and other food staples, got to $50, got my $10 in Kohls' cash, used my $5 off coupon, and totally forgot to pick up the free coupon items. I didn't even realize this til I got home. Original total was $114, and I paid $59.

* I looked at the free item coupons. I thought perhaps I could go back to the store and bring my receipt and see if I could get it to go through. Then I read on the coupon that it had to be shown at the time of purchase. DARN! I thought that the soup deal was really good and so was the Betty Crocker frosting deal (80 cents for a tub of frosting), so once S got home, I went out by myself to Safeway Part Deux. Total came to $119 before discounts, but I only paid $54. I got another $10 in Kohls' cash, got the 4 free items, and I used some coupons that I had in my organizer for Progresso soup AND frosting!!

* Now I have $20 in Kohls' cash to spend, and I have never been to Kohls. They just opened a store about 15 miles away last year. I thought I'd maybe get a Christmas present for Julia there. I have to use the $20 by November 21.

I spent $135 today on food. I did get a ton of stuff, including at least a 4 month supply of soup! And I got $20 to spend at Kohls.


Karin said...

nice job

Leigh Ann said...

72 cans of soup! WOW...I'm impressed! Don't you HATE it when you forget coupons? UGH. On Friday, I went to Publix and my order total was $16something after coupons. And when I got home, I realized I had a $5 off coupon I could have used and it would have only been $11. Talk about kicking myself!!! Grrrrrrr. Your QFC sounds like our Kroger. They sound like they run the same kinds of deals. Last week, at Kroger they had the $5 off ten items and I stocked up on the Betty Crocker fruit snacks for .30 a box. Waylon eats at least 2 bags of those a night and I have about 10 boxes put up for him.
You are better at me on stocking up on diet foods. I have a freezer full of cookie dough and coffee creamer. At least the cookie dough is going to go to the daycare at Christmas time for the staff. So, it was like knocking out a Christmas gift. At least that's how I justified it.
And I can't believe you did all that shopping with Julia in tow!! You rock! I never ever ever take Waylon to the grocery store unless I can't avoid it. I do most of my grocery shopping in small trips during my lunch hour(when I should be walking, I know) or on the weekends during naptime where I leave Ricky at home. I do not like to do any kind of shopping with anyone if I can help it. I work better alone. That's just how I roll! LOL

Miss J's Mom said...

LA, I get so irritated with those simple opportunities to save money too. I know the stores are betting that we won't have our acts together, and I hate when they're right! :)

Kroger owns QFC, I believe. QFC tries to brand itself as a high-end grocery store, thus I rarely shop there.

This was the FIRST time I have ever picked up more than a couple of items with Julia. Figuring out the coupon things (which I did poorly at with her), child wrangling, navigating the stores and dealing with checkout & grocery loading is challenging with 1 kid. I know now that I can do it, but why do it unless I have to? If both of the sales weren't Saturday only, I wouldn't have even attempted it.

Miss J's Mom said...

Oh, and using the cookie dough for a gift is FABOO! I have no idea what to do for daycare for Christmas. Julia has a teacher for most of the day, but there are like 5 other people she sees occasionally. Big gift for her primary teacher and then a big plate of cookies for everyone else???? Christmas stresses me out.

Leigh Ann said...

I figured QFC and Kroger must be affiliated somehow!
Yep, Waylon has 3 toddler teachers that work in shifts and then there is his "fan club" that greets him every morning and all the way down the hall. All the girls in the front office love him. So, I am going to take them a giant plate of cookies and then for his teachers, I will paint ornaments. I would love to buy for them. But it's another "hard candy Christmas" this year. So, homemade gifts it is!

Miss J's Mom said...

Handmade gifts are great! Don't you dare feel bad about making gifts!! If I had any talent, I would love to make people things. I've gotten a few handmade ornaments, and I cherish them. I can't wait til Julia's old enough to make ornaments and momentos.

Krista said...

WOW! We don't have coupons like that around here, awesome job. You are going to LOVE Kohls. I do 95% of my shopping there on their 70-80% off racks. Also if you get a kohls charge you get a coupon for anywhere from 15-30% your total purchase,at least once a month, it is great.

Miss J's Mom said...


I'm planning to go to Kohls during lunch tomorrow. I'll take a thorough look at those clearance racks!!!