Sunday, November 8, 2009

Be still my heart

A house just came on the market, and I am in love just looking at the pictures. It is everything we want, at least by looking at the pictures.

Curb appeal - CHECK

Turret - CHECK (I've always said I wanted a turret.) Want to see the turret from the inside? I'm already planning the prom entrance for Julia.

View - CHECK

Space and storage - CHECK

Did you see the 3 car garage? And this house has 4,600 square feet. 5 bedrooms plus a rec room and wet bar in the basement. Come on over, stay 3 weeks, and watch the fireworks over the sound.

I know we could technically pull it off, but it seems way too fiscally irresponsible. It's $25k over the purchase price we were approved for (I had just tossed a number out, so it is possible we'd be approved but who knows...). What would it cost to heat 4,600 square feet? And the property taxes are killer. I checked them out, and I nearly thought we'd have to sell Julia to pay them.

The downside besides the financial: The kitchen is icky. I think it's big enough, but it would require a remodel now the line...probably in 2022, which is when we could muster enough money to pay for new cabinets. There are no pictures of the bedrooms. We looked at a similar house nearby, and the master was teeny tiny. I wonder if this house will have the same problem.

Still, though, worth a look. The worst that could happen is that we fall in love and get way in over our heads. We would definitely have to sell our current house ASAP in order to not live on Top Ramen.


April said...

we looked at so many houses that were WAY Out of our price range :-) But it was fun. We'd set up appointments, and occasionally, we'd throw an offer out there depending on how long it had been on the market :-) It's fun!

Karin said...

turret! turret! turret!

Krista said...

Never hurts to make an offer, especially in this market. Offer what you feel comfortable offering and agree you will stick to it. You should go at least look it at.

Miss J's Mom said...

It was nice, very nice. Offer in!

Ann said...

Love it! Oh, I am so excited for you. I will be inviting myself over for play dates all the time, he, he.