Monday, November 9, 2009


I didn't share the best part about grocery shopping with a toddler on Saturday. Toddlers have a way of spotting every balloon within a 500 foot radius. Adults apparently lose this skill. It's a shame, isn't it?

The first time Julia saw a balloon on Saturday about gave me a heart attack. She's sitting happily in the shopping cart (this was early on in the escapade), looking from left to right manically. Now I know she was on balloon patrol. At the time, I thought she was entertained by boxes of Betty Crocker. I'm ambling through the newly configured store trying to find stuff. As I turn to go into the next aisle, Julia bellows,


Then she tries to leap from the cart.

WTH? Was our shopping cart about to be bombed? What should I do? Should I duck and cover? But, as every mother knows, you should try to ascertain the real risk with adult eyes. I quickly figure out that Julia is in a frenzy over a display of balloons by the checkout lanes. KAAAAA KAAAAA sounds nothing like 'balloon.' So you can imagine that I was a little puzzled. "Balloon," I tell her repeatedly. We have to stop and let her touch each of the balloons. That must have done the trick because she lets me navigate the cart away from the balloons.

At the next store, I wasn't so nervous when I heard, "KAAAAAAAA KAAAAAAAA." I tried to find the balloons, we took a little detour to admire them, and off we went.

The third time I heard, "KAAAAAA KAAAAAA!" I just said, "Balloon," without even looking for the balloon.

And that's how children desensitize their parents.

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