Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween was great!

On Friday was Julia's fall harvest (Halloween) party at school. They were begging for volunteers, so I signed up for set-up. Let's just say Julia had a cranky day at daycare due to set-up for the party, her teacher being gone due to set-up, teething (maybe?), and getting over a cold. I had a bazillion errands to do after work, get her fed, bathed, dressed in her costume, volunteer at the party, get her to the party, come home, 2nd dinner, and into bed. Julia was cranky, I was cranky. Thanks to S, things processed quickly on the home front.

I just knew I wouldn't be needed for set-up. Because for events like that they always have the employees on those tasks in case the volunteers don't show up. I tossed a few fake flower garlands up, and that was that.

Julia's poor disposition continued for the party. She did okay given everything we were up against, but mostly she just wanted to go to sleep and be out of her costume. I was feeling the same way.

We did get a family picture at the Harvest Party. That was good. It's so hard to get family pictures at events.

On Saturday we decided to take it easy. Keep it light, let Julia get plenty of rest before trick-or-treating. Julia and I made cookies in the late morning. She was so cute, wanting to stir and "help."

Both Julia and I took a long nap; it was a big night!

Trick-or-treating went really well. Julia really seemed to "get it" after a few houses. She didn't want to let go of her pumpkin full of candy. And she had quite a bit of stamina for almost 17 months old. I think we were out for about 90 minutes. Toward the end she was starting to sit down on the concrete every few feet or wander off into all sorts of directions. She did much better than I expected. She didn't care for the hat of her costume, which we predicted. She did okay with her costume except for random fits every once in a while where she'd try to peel it off.

All in all, a great Halloween and she really seemed more into it than I would have expected.


Leigh Ann said...

Your halloween pics were so great! I'm really glad Julia had a good time and seemed to "get it." Ours STUNK! We don't have a neighborhood worth trick-or-treating in(nobody puts candy out, not many kids on the street), so we were going to do the church trunk-or-treat thing. But it rained. So, they moved inside and made it into an indoor "carnival" that was nothing but a room full of games that were too old for Waylon. So, after about 10-15 minutes of standing around like idiots with our thumbs up our butts....we left. We went to get a pizza and passed by a Publix grocery store with a sign out front that they had trick-or-treating there. So, we had our halloween in a grocery storey. YAY...MEMORIES! lol
Next year, I am FINDING us somebody's neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in! I want him to go door to door like Julia, and like I did when I was a kid.

Miss J's Mom said...

LA, that is bad. Rain, people that don't participate...doesn't make it fun at all. I was wondering about that picture of Waylon in the grocery store.

The fall harvest party at daycare was too old for Julia. We know what that's like to just stand around while she just stands around. There wasn't anything for her to do. She can't play the fishing or throwing games very well - if at all - and she was so ready for bed. We left after 20 minutes, after doing the obligatory family picture next to pumpkins.

Next year we will be better prepared!

Leigh Ann said...

Oh was bad. But at least it wasn't like HE was disappointed or let down. At least he's not old enough to realize/remember anything, ya know? Next year, I will have someone's neighborhood hijacked for sure!

Ann said...

Beth has the best Halloween neighborhood ever! I spent the last ten years just a couple of miles down the road thinking Halloween no longer existed! Had I known, I would have staked out a corner and set up a trick or treat stand long ago! Ooh, an idea for next year...