Wednesday, November 4, 2009

3 i's with hearts over them

Blogging from work on my lunch break. I'm going to a fancy schmancy meeting at 1pm in nice clothes (dress to least 1 day a year, that's my motto!), so I think walking at lunch is out. I don't want to come back a smelly mess. And if I leave this building, I know I'm going to drive myself to Taco Time. Oh how I love Taco Time, and I'm having this huge Taco Time craving right now. I don't usually eat beef, but I love their beef crisp tacos, shredded lettuce, great cheese and token piece of tomato on top. I could literally eat 6 of those tacos. Each taco is 5-6 points, so that would put me way over points budget for the day. I will not say how many times I went there during my pregnancy for lunch. Let's just say Julia never went hungry while she was in the womb.

Even if I could restrain myself from going to Taco Time, I'm not in the mood to shop. I got another coupon for a free pair of Victoria's Secret underwear. The last time I blogged about it was way too traumatizing although I did go back afterward and successfully get my free pair of underwear. The thought of going back AGAIN does not thrill me, even if it is free.

So I sit here, eat my Progresso Chickarina soup and blog.

I saw a real estate agent sign where the real estate agent is named Tiffinie. Why oh why do parents do this? Personally I just have a hard time taking someone with the name of Tiffinie seriously. Not her fault that her parents spelled her name like that, but she's stuck with it forever unless she changes it somehow or uses her middle name. I just imagine hearts over the 3 "i"'s in her name with big, loopy handwriting.

We were so going to name Julia a trendier name instead: McKenna. I couldn't quite commit to it when push came to shove, but we both liked it a lot. The Mc thing, the capital letter in the middle, and the trendiness both dissuaded us at the end. We thought the Honorable Julia sounded better than the Honorable McKenna.

When I was at Winco one day (I should really start a People of Winco blog), there was a young lady who wasn't wearing much. On her back was a huge flower tattoo with the name "MacKennah" and a birth date of May something 2008. That was when it completely sunk in that I am SO glad we didn't go with McKenna or any such derivative.

I'm sure other kids do this earlier, but it's so fun to ask Julia, "Where's Julia?" and she points to herself. I think it's so cool!

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