Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Purging the mind

It is late, and I should be in bed. Well, I am in bed with my very sickly laptop. My mind is still active though. Here are tonight's random thoughts and issues:

1. I spent 2 hours looking at laptops tonight. You know me, I'm a nerd. There's a bazillion different laptops out there, and no one store sells the exact same laptop. Each one has a slightly different processor and features. I'm getting too absorbed in the details if I've been on the Intel site looking up differences between bus speeds of different processors. My main issue should be figuring out whether I want one in the $600, $800 or $1,000 price range. My last two computers were Dells. I think they suited me fine, but part of me mainly wants a big change. I think I'd like to try an HP or a Toshiba. Oh, and #1 on my priority list is to get a number pad. How can I amortize things without one? I am silly. I do have a number pad that connects via USB, but that's a pain to cart around.

2. Price reduction on the house we liked. Awesome view, awesome deck, one less bedroom, not a lot of storage space. If it had one more bedroom, one more garage, or at least a bonus room, we'd have an offer in. Since it doesn't have any of those, we will continue to wait and see what comes on the market.

3. When we came into this marriage, I was the one who had never had a Kraft single. S was the one who never had "real" cheese (he lived overseas in Africa and Pakistan). It's funny how we've introduced each other and made huge switches in preferences. I prefer "fake" Swiss cheese slices in wrappers now. S likes the big ol' blocks of cheddar. Julia is quite fond of either, but I think the fake Swiss wins out. It was on sale last week for $1. She's practically eaten it all. I think real Swiss is a bit much for her yet, so I will scour the stores for fake Swiss and see if I can find a good deal on it.

4. I finished Week 3, Day 2 of the Couch to 5K workout. I'm up to running for 3 continuous minutes. Never thought it would happen. So far I like the program even if a couch isn't involved.

5. I ate crappy today. Didn't go over my points that much, but I made very unwise choices. I bought all that soup last week and should eat that instead of cake. When I get close to weigh-in day, I'm reticent about eating too much sodium. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

6. I channeled Ellyn Satter today successfully. (Ellyn is this kid food guru whose mantra is kids will eat when they're hungry. I have problems with this theory, but I've been trying to let it go and listen to my inner Ellyn. Mostly unsuccessfully except for today. Hey, I'm trying to improve.) I've been giving Julia a sippy cup of milk intermixed with a bit of juice for months now at every meal. And she only drinks it if she hasn't drank any bottle within the past several hours. It has been so discouraging. If daycare offers her water or juice, she WILL drink that. So today I gave up on the milk with meals. She can have juice or water. It turns out she drank her sippy cup today. The first day in ... oh ... forevvvver. Yeah, she didn't have as much bottle as usual to compensate from the increased liquids from juice. Oh well. Right? Isn't that what Ellyn would say?

7. I love the toddler teacher. She is doing so great with Julia on feeding, sign language, and general learning. As much as I hate being a pain in the butt, I'm glad I complained. Rosemary is sooooo much better than Jessica.

8. I got a response to my question about the Monarch software! When I go into work tomorrow, I'm going to see if his suggestion works.

9. True story. Someone called me for my help on a spreadsheet. I gave the person instructions and said, "Press the Enter key." I was asked, "Where's the enter key?" Some people should not own computers.

10. I have never watched an episode of American Idol. But with Ellen as a judge now, I might just tune in one day.

11. Hulu is awesome.

12. Youtube is awesome.

Lucky 13. I need to get to bed.

Luckier 14. I need to buy some new bras. Minimizer types. I have one bra I like, and it's a minimizer. I saw some online, but I think I should try them on in person first.

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Melissa said...

Love your list! Congrats on WEEK 3!!! That's awesome!!