Friday, September 25, 2009

I did it!

I ran 16 minutes tonight. And I didn't die. I thought at the end I just might because the Mammoth Hill was waiting for me for the last minute, but I got through it. I haven't run this much since 9th grade when they forced you to run in boot camp....errrrr, PE.

My reward to myself was some peach water and a bath. I'm a simple girl. Naps, baths & food. You can get me to do anything if you dangle any of those three at me.

Tonight was an open house at daycare. S and I are so proud of Miss J's improvement. She loves most of the teachers there, and she is absolutely head over heels for her new teacher Rosemary. She is simply amazing.

We went through all of the classrooms and listened to all of the different teachers talk about the curriculum and what they do. Julia felt comfortable enough to play and laugh as she wandered away from us. It makes us so proud because Julia pretty much hated the first year of her life. She would scream for hours all day long. She was extremely disagreeable, wouldn't eat and hated if we were more than a foot away from her. The infant teacher keeps commenting how the Julia of today (who does the chicken dance to amuse the other kids) is a completely different girl from the one in January.

Rosemary did say that Julia is clingy with her. I think she's less clingy than she was with the infant teachers, but Rosemary wasn't her teacher back then so it's hard to definitively say her clinginess is getting better.

On the whole, she's one of the more sociable kids in her class. She loves carrying around dolls and burping them, she's eating more purees for Rosemary, she's learning sign language, saying a few words, and affectionate with almost all of the teachers.

The lone exception is with Jessica (who used to be her toddler teacher for 2 and a half months). When we went into Jessica's new classroom, Julia didn't want anything to do with her. Every other teacher she was playful with, but she avoided Jessica like the plague. And I learned that she will switch to that room at 18 months and be in that room until 2 and a half. I'm already having heart palpitations at the thought. I will bury my head in the sand and hope that Jessica gets another job by December and then they move Rosemary back to the other room.

I will live in denial until December.


Scrapping in Circles said...

Great job on the running! You should do a tri sometime. (=

BTW, didn't Miss J switch daycare centers?

Miss J's Mom said...

We didn't move her. Once we said we were, the center director intervened and moved teachers around. We're glad we didn't move because Julia's loving her new teacher. I'm dreading when she moves up to the teacher she doesn't like.

Melissa said...

Great job on the running!! You are doing great! Doesn't it feel so empowering??

Maybe Julia will come around to Jessica. Kids are funny like that. I hated my cousin Michael when I was a kid and screamed every time he came into a room for about a year. He worked at the local grocery store and one day while my mom was shopping he let me help him stock the shelves and I've liked him ever since!