Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lots o' Things

#1 Julia has surpassed 20 lbs!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, baby, that's what weekly feeding therapy + major daycare intervention will get you. I want to eat a Reese's to celebrate! The bummer is that Julia has stalled in the height department. The doctor's concerned but will wait to see if she improves by 18 months. If not, then lovely bone and hormone tests will ensue. I tell ya, it's always something. And of course there's nothing you can do when it comes to helping them gain height. Back to the good stuff... we're definitely seeing weight improvement. She's no longer considered failure to thrive! I want to delete my failure to thrive group membership, but I know that's just jinxing it.

#2 The ear tube surgery went well, and she seemed perfectly normal (or even a little better than normal) today.

#3 She got bit at daycare AGAIN today. I wonder if these kids pack heat too.

#4 On the way to the doctor appointment today, I went through 4 school zones + got blocked by school buses TWICE! I had to pick up the bottle cooler before picking up Miss J, and the elementary school bus stop is right in front of my house. Yes, this will be great once she goes to elementary school. But right now when I'm trying to get to a doctor appointment on time, it sucks to be stuck in your driveway waiting for a full bus to unload. Then after I picked her up, I got blocked in the daycare by another bus that was unloading. That one was on a main road, so not only do you have to wait for all the kids to unload, then you have to try to make a left across a busy street that has just been blocked by a school bus for 3 minutes. I can't believe we were only 4 minutes late to the appointment.

#5 School pictures. Seriously? She's 1. They're already hawking this crap. And you have to buy them before you see them. I am still irritated about the Easter pictures. Without my knowlege, they took her Easter pictures and put her in an outfit they put all the other infant girls in. The outfit wasn't washed between kids, and a few hours later she got hit with a stomach virus. I swear it was because of the germ tainted communal outfit. Ugh!

#6 Occasionally at work we get fed lunch. If we're at a meeting and the meeting spans lunch most notably, and sometimes we also get fed if there's leftovers from a meeting you're not actually attending. Today I realized that I'm a lunch snob. I went to a meeting, fully expecting to have the *usual* catered lunch, and lunch ended up being tortilla roll-ups (you know the deli meat, cheese rolled up in a tortilla), oreos & grapes. It's a fine lunch, but I'm used to fancy salads, meat dishes, steamed veggies, rice or pasta, gourmet cookies and pastries. So it was kind of a letdown. At least tomorrow I'll know to lower my expectations for the meeting lunch.

#7 I did Couch to 5K, Week 2, Day 1 today. And I LIVED!!! In total there's one more minute of running (9 minutes instead of 8 minutes). The big change is that you run longer for each interval although there are less intervals. Dude, I reversed my neighborhood path to avoid running up a mammoth hill, and now with the interval change I have to run my last interval up a mammoth hill. UGH!!!! Well, I'd rather that happening at the end of the run instead of the beginning.

#8 At the meeting today we had a presentation by someone from a state agency. This guy came to the meeting wearing jeans, an untucked polo shirt, and Timberland boots. While I admit I'm a very casual dresser, if I were to give a presentation to a group of 25 people outside of my organization, I would wear something more professional. Heck, khakis + tucked polo shirt + loafers would suffice just fine. I don't think I'm asking for that much.


Scrapping in Circles said...

YAH on passing 20 lbs!!! I think the feeding therapy was a great thing. Too bad they didn't start that a long time ago, eh? Sorry, I wont dwell on the things we cannot change... (=

Great job with the exercise. Running was never a fun activity for me. I used to do it for soccer, but just to run to run is really boring and not my style. I'm hoping to get into some exercise classes soon. I really like step and such back in college (or my thinner years as I like to call them). It probably also helped that I walked everywhere in B-ham and my job at WWU involved walking.

I'm always surprised what state workers get away with nowadays. I've seen some teachers in some really casual clothes too. I can see art teachers or gym teachers wearing less dressy clothes since they are outside or working with messy things. I can even see lower elementary teachers wearing more casual clothes since they are on the floor or working with messy kids, but most teachers should dress more professionally. My version of professional is yours, slacks, nice shirt, nice shoes. Rather than jeans and tennis shoes.

I think that is a PNW thing though. You don't see office workers or teachers in other places dressing that casual. At least I didn't.

Miss J's Mom said...

The east coast is so much more put together than we are. When I went to DC for a work meeting, they dress in full suits even on Friday. I visited my aunt & uncle in West Virginia (you know the West Virginia jokes), and she goes out to the grocery store in full make up and hair done. Here people wear pajama pants and flip flops to the grocery store!

Leigh Ann said...

Congrats on Julia's 20 lb mark! Maybe Waylon will follow in her footsteps soon....