Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 Things

1 - My computer is in turmoil. It took 10 minutes to log into e-mail. My PHONE retrieves my e-mail faster. My laptop is almost 4 years old. I wanted to squeak a couple more years out of it, but it looks like that ain't happening.

2 - Julia is doing okay after getting her tubes put in. She had a rough half hour after waking up from the anaesthesia, but a good nap + some food helped tremendously. We the parents are in a ton of trouble with the in-laws for not telling every person in the family that Julia was going for the surgery. In our defense, we only scheduled it on Friday & S's parents were traveling. After being talked to like we are little children who did something naughty, I'm not feeling particularly up to offering to buy them plane tickets up here for Christmas.

3 - I think I'm going to hell. I went to Fred Meyer after work because they had some in-store coupons. An elderly gentleman (as in, completely hunched over and walking about 10 feet per minute and completely gray) was buying milk. He was soooooooo slow. He literally took half-gallons of skim milk out of the milk case one at a time at a snail's pace. He bought 10 of them, complete with opening the milk case, taking one out, closing the door, putting it in his cart... 10 times. He bought 5 gallons of milk. That's a lot of milk. I thought maybe he had grandkids, but most kids drink 2% or whole. Maybe it's just him and a wife, maybe older grandkids? Who knows. But 5 gallons of milk in however long milk is good (2 weeks?) is a LOT of milk. It was an extremely long time to wait for him to get done so I could get S's milk. I tried to wait patiently, as he was quite up there in age & he couldn't help being slow as molasses. The poor guy had toilet paper and ex-lax in his cart. Here's where I'm going to hell: I wanted to tell him that if he didn't drink so much milk that maybe he wouldn't need the ex-lax.

I don't know about you, but I hate unsolicited advice from other grocery store patrons. So I didn't say a word, but I thought it. And it is true advice - dairy messes up with some people's intestines.

$57.89 in groceries today. Well, $9 worth of toilet paper on sale, $15 for formula, $3.50 for 60 ounces of shampoo, plus $30 in groceries.


Scrapping in Circles said...

I've heard that some people buy milk and cheese on sale and then freeze it. I didn't know you could do this and have never tried it, but maybe that's what he was doing.

Miss J's Mom said...

There are so many possibilities of what he was doing, maybe he donated it to the food bank. He seemed like a very sweet man, too bad I was in such a hurry that evening.