Thursday, September 17, 2009

Call me a quitter

I'm about halfway into the month where I was going to track expenses, and I've decided that this attempt is like every other attempt. I realize that, for the most part, we don't spend much on outlandish things. Utility bills, groceries, gas, etc. Nothing terribly exciting or wasteful. And I figured out the difference between what used to be our "normal" and our new "normal" is Julia's stuff: medical expenses, formula, Simply Thick liquid thickener, her food, etc. So I suppose the exercise taught me that our new normal includes different types of expenses than we used to have. Therefore, I think I'm going to postpone itemizing everything. It gets tedious to remember to jot things down for this blog.

Of course I'll still devote some posts to money issues.

I'm so excited because this week I actually got brave enough to look at my 401(k) account. It's been a lonnnnnng time. I picked good investments, but for a long while I kept losing more than I was contributing. At some times, ignorance is indeed bliss. Imagine my surprise when my balance was much higher than expected. Yay for good market returns for the past few months! And I hit a wonderful 401(k) milestone, which made it all the sweeter. I have more in my account than my husband has in his account. We are extremely competitive with each other, and I revel in having more than him. We're not at ALL competitive!

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