Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yay Yay Sigh Ugh Melancholy

Yay #1: Hubby was packing and found $35.35 left on a gift card to our favorite restaurant. YAY!

Yay #2: Julia drank 16 oz of milk BY CUP today! No bottles. This is the third time!

Sigh: Had a tedious conversation with the stock company about those 34 shares of stock. The person who I talked with today gave me completely different instructions than the person I talked to yesterday. This has been an utter pain in the butt to deal with.

Ugh: This morning I spilled a large quantity of chicken tortilla soup on myself (way to go, B!). Both the bottom of the shirt and the top of my pants. I kinda got my shirt clean in the bathroom. A friend loaned me some sweatpants. I changed into those while I tried to clean off my pants (this was a LOT of soup). Well, she has four cats, and I'm utterly allergic to cats. I started sneezing immediately - 20 sneezes in a minute kind of sneezing. So I HAD to put back on my pants that were completely soaked from being washed in the work bathroom sink. Yep, I sat around all day in wet, cold pants. If it was August, it wouldn't be too bad. But 9 degree weather outside makes it a little....chilly.

Melancholy: Today was the huge funeral for the 4 police offers that were shot about 20 miles from my home. Needless violence is horrible. I also feel for my pal LA whose friend lost a child today. What a horrible situation, and I'm thinking about you, LA.

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