Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ready for Monday

It was a nice weekend. After being gone for a few days last week and being in the middle of the packing/moving while keeping the house spotless, I was looking forward to just chilling. I love naps and baths, both of which I had today. So it was mostly relaxing this weekend with a tad of productivity. We packed 10 large boxes this weekend. We're now to the point that we can't really pack any more without jeopardizing packing things we will actually need within the next two weeks. Aside from the china hutch. We have to pack the china & I should get some packing paper tomorrow, and that can be our project one of these evenings.

I need to go to Target tomorrow. I want to get Julia the Little People Racing Ramps garage. It's on sale for $22. So Julia's Christmas gifts are Mrs. Potato Head, a shape sorter, the garage toy & some footies.

Today's highlight of the day was going to the Safeway grand reopening. The one near me was probably built in the late 70s/early 80s. Old and tacky. Recently they did a makeover of the store, and this weekend was the great unveiling. In the past several weeks, we've gotten several coupons in the mail. Lots of free items if you spend a certain amount (apple juice, peanut butter, soup from the deli, meat from the deli). Lots of really cheap items if you spend a certain amount (like $1 for a whole pineapple, $2 for a dozen donuts, $1.50 for a dozen bagels). Then you got 10% off your entire purchase on top of all that. I ended up spending $39. If I had spent $50, I could have gotten $10 off. Well, I kept that coupon because it's good through December. When we move into the new house, maybe I can go back for a big shopping trip to stock the freezer and fridge. Plus I picked up another coupon book, so I should be able to get those same deals again when I go back! Woot woot!


Leigh Ann said...

Don't forget Julia's Magnadoodle!
I wish we had a Safeway around here. I see it on the coupon sites all the time. Looks like a great store to shop for deals at :)

Miss J's Mom said...

My mom is getting Julia the Magnadoodle.

I found something online for Miss J last night. It's a 3 CD set of kid songs. I think she'll love it!