Saturday, December 19, 2009

The smell is starting to fade.

We're mostly moved into our new house! Not moved in as in we know where everything is and things are unpacked, but more like the vast majority of our crap is at our new house instead of our old house. Yes, there's still crap in our old house, but it's little crap (pictures, end tables, things we can fit into our cars). The little stuff is to be used for "staging."

Friends have been such a big help with this move. Thank you 20 times over! Incredible friends who actually want to help. The new house is such a sty. It wasn't a foreclosure, but the previous owners did NOT take care of it. The tile and cabinets are sooooo gross, door handles being held together with tape, etc. It's going to take a LOT of elbow grease before this place gets up to snuff. (And some tile countertops need to be replaced.) But with all this help, things seem much less daunting. I ♥ my friends.

Lots of things give me consternation in the new house, but one thing that really takes the cake is the smell in the master bedroom. Everyone says it's mothballs mixed with old people (the previous owners). I've never been around mothballs, so I can't really say for sure that's what the smell is ... but whatever it is, it's repulsive. Last night (our first night in the house), I'd turn in bed, and get this horrible whiff which would wake me up. Two friends worked cleaning the master bathroom today - lots of elbow grease and cleaning products. Right now, I've been sitting in bed for the past hour and I still don't smell that horrible smell. It's fading! YES! Once we paint the master bedroom bedroom and bathroom & steam clean the carpets, I think it will be even better. But I'm so impressed with the progress made in one day.

I should get some sleep. Tomorrow we're mostly going to putz. Like we need to find our clothes, do laundry, take down icky valances, hook up the dryer (before doing laundry, of course), put Julia's room together.

Next weekend's big project is steam cleaning the upstairs and steps. Monday the 28th's project (S & I have off, J in daycare) is to paint the master bedroom. We need to let the seafoam green OUT of the room. It's not our favorite color, plus painting it will help get rid of the remains of the smell.

The runner-up noxious paint choice is Julia's bathroom. Powder blue. I guess I'm not a fan of blue and green paint. Particularly the pastels. I think I could handle a bold blue or dark green in the right context though.

The second runner-up noxious paint choice is the yellow in the kitchen and family room. I actually like yellow paint, but this yellow has a green undertone and isn't the best. Haven't figured out what color to do there.

Painting seems like it will be a task that won't be too complicated to take on and will help us make this "our" house.

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