Friday, December 11, 2009

Exercise. Or more like lack thereof.

So when this house thing came up around the 10th of November, I started slacking on the Shred Challenge. BOOOOO! Then my weights got packed, and Thanksgiving come and went & I went out of town to a conference (hotel food & absolutely NO exercise for several days). This week has been awful with a huge amount of stress. And it's butt cold. All this taken together has amounted to a huge weight gain in the two weeks prior to this last one. I basically maintained this week. Ugh!

My goal is to mostly just stay sane between now and the first few weeks of moving in. We don't have too much "bad" food in the house aside from Doritos, which should be easy for me to stay away from. Work goodies do get tempting, particularly when I let myself get really hungry. I should at least track my food during this time, but I know the likelihood isn't the best, particularly on the weekends.

I was thinking that starting Feb 1 - March 2 I was going to restart the 30 Day Shred Challenge. That gives us time to settle once we move in, find my weights & get started.

I do seem to like Shredding better than most exercise DVDs. It's really too cold to walk/jog outside now - even for me, and I have a decent tolerance. 10 degrees is TOO COLD. Shredding is really time efficient. I do like the Firm series of DVDs in concept. They are a lot like Shredding in some ways. But the way they put moves together reminds me of practicing dancing moves. Everything becomes this 1-2-3-4, let's add to it, two word instructions that everyone seems to understand - sorry, I don't get what a "plie pump" is just on name alone. It's a 5-minute choreography torture session of them moving way too fast and me trying to hurry to catch up. It's not like I can't do the exercises, but I can't catch on to the choreography fast enough. I know, they're DVDs, you would think I'd catch on to the units faster on the second, third, fourth viewing. But each DVD has a different focus and you're supposed to skip days, then skip DVDs, and so each time I go through the choreography torture all over again. The DVD is a series of 3-5 minute sessions: like weights, step, aerobics, weights, etc. I often look forward to the weight sessions because then it's not choreography torture.

Here's a Youtube sample of The Firm. Within the first 2 minutes, you can see what I can't stand about it. It's like a dancing drill sergeant. But I do LOVE the concept of The Firm. It just gives me a headache & I get all frazzled trying to follow it. Jillian's Shred is much easier to follow.

I'm still down about 20 pounds from January 1 of 2009, but that means I still have about 20 to go. Blech!

I'm so annoyed at myself. S's aunt sent us a check for Christmas. I was so neurotic about losing it in all the hubbub that I put it somewhere that I thought was "safe" (I know I didn't cash it though). I just can't figure out where that might be, and all of my potential hiding places were bare. I went through my whole purse (and cleaned out expired coupons, so it wasn't a complete waste of time), the kitchen/drawer hiding spots, nightstand...most everything else is packed. It's not that it was a huge amount of money, but I just get so mad at myself when I do ditzy things like that. I remember holding it and trying to figure out what to do with it. I had put it back in the little ziploc bag it came in. Cuz as you know, a check in a little ziploc bag is harder to lose than just a check. LOL She also sent some little things in the package. I thought I had put the check with them, but it's not there either. It will turn up in 2015, I am convinced.

For those of you with babies/toddlers, how do they sleep in their cribs/toddler beds? Julia always jams her head into the corner of the crib. As in, her face is smooshed in the corner where the bars come together. The back of her head is touching the slat on one side & her mouth is touching the slat on the other side. It really doesn't look comfortable. Maybe she thinks it mimics my ribs in utero? Personally I would think it would be more comfy to be in the middle of the crib.

Cup was kind of weak today. She did drink at daycare (but most in the mid-to-late afternoon), and she really didn't drink anything after she got home. S suggested trying a bottle, which I thought she would take but I didn't want our THREE DAY STREAK to end. We offered, offered, offered in the evening, but she didn't take any. Overall fluid intake wasn't great today, but we have a THREE DAY STREAK going.


Karin said...

colin sleeps with his face planted against the bumper a lot of the time. he definitely does not like the middle of the bed and always drifts to the rail that moves up/down.

Melissa said...

Audrey sleeps the exact same way

Miss J's Mom said...

So it's a usual phenomenon. Hmmmppph. Add this to the list of things you never knew until you were a parent.

Scrapping in Circles said...

All three of my kids scrunch up against the slats and later up against the wall, even my seven-year-old. I feel like I'm the only person who loves to sleep in the center of a bed in my house.

Wendy said...

The cramping in the corner of the crib is fascinating. Mischa is a middle of the bed sleeper.

Ryan, Corrie, and Max said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, you are all over the place in this post! And I thought I was random!!!

Exercise- I'll be your motivator, if you want. =)
Crib- Max sleeps mostly in the middle. Or with her feet up against or sticking out of the slats.
Ditziness- I do the SAME things, and it drives me BATTY. It's esp. bad if I'm already frustrated at myself for other things, you know??