Sunday, December 13, 2009

5 more days!

5 more nights in this house. It feels like there should be more fanfare in our countdown. Emotions are quite all over the place. S is excited to get the heck out of the house. He's mentally over this place and wants to be in the new house. I'm more melancholy and nervous.

I suppose it is more real now because the furniture is completely out of two rooms, our room is just a bed & nightstand & a lamp on the floor, Julia's room is basically just her crib, and then the couches and TV downstairs. It's a weird limboland. This doesn't feel like "home" anymore. Our new house still isn't ours (even though it technically is in 83 minutes). The owners worked it so that they keep possession for 4 more days.

As for the holiday hubbub, I still have some things to get. This year is better because I usually shop for the 1 niece & 3 nephews overseas, wrap & ship, and that gets to be a pain because I don't know them. This year I just sent a check. I've gotten more gift cards for people than usual. Lazy, don't want to lug around "stuff," don't like dealing with mailing crap (so far I haven't stepped into USPS this holiday and would like to keep it that way), and kinda done mentally.

Daycare: still need to buy for infant teacher who was so good to Julia, what about the new teachers she just got last week?, what about the part-time people? So far I only bought for the toddler teacher she loved.

My aunt & uncle: I don't know what to get for them. I kinda hope we can just drift into not buying for each other. Or maybe I can make cookies for them.

Julia: she loved swim class and those mid-sized bouncy rubber balls that float. I think she'd like one of those. I think they are no more than $5.

S's brother & SIL & their kids: We said we weren't exchanging gifts for adults, but they said they put a gift card in the mail to us. So I guess we have to get them something. If we end up seeing them this Christmas, we'll get the boys something. Otherwise, we'll just send gift card.

Parents done (gift cards...yeah, we're lame). The friends I exchange presents with are done (they're the only ones who DIDN'T get gift cards). S is mostly done - remember he got his office supply. I should probably put something in his stocking though. I kind of like the tradition of stockings being filled with things that are necessities like toiletries. Julia's mostly done.

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