Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our cinnamon toast haven

I'm sitting in my freshly painted, non-seafoam green bedroom! Woot woot! The seafoam green was beyond horrible. I'm not a fan of the color, but on top of that the walls in the master bedroom smelled AND the paint was all nicked and beat up. I suppose the symbolism of painting it was wonderful (bye bye Hwangs), and now looking at the pretty cinnamon toast color...I'm just in heaven. All of the wire racks from the closet (that got painted too!) are sitting in the master bedroom. We're still waiting for the closet paint to dry.

Which leads me to my excitement that we'll finally be able to unpack the master bedroom stuff & clothes soon. Because I had wanted to steam clean the carpet and paint before unpacking since it doesn't make much sense to unpack and then have to pack again. So everything's been sitting in the garage, sans the more urgent clothes which have been in the closet, until those two things got done. Now that both are done (in the master bedroom), we can start moving on in!

The master bathroom is seafoam green, but there's something more urgent on our list. The main bathroom upstairs is a baby blue. Ick, oh how I do not like baby blue on walls. And, to make it even worse, there is nasty congealed stuff on the walls. Do not make my mind go to what it could possibly be, but let's just say that the priority of painting that bathroom is high on my list. Julia bathes in there, and I want it to be clean and pretty for her.

S is building the entertainment center for our master bedroom as I type. He's hooking up the TV and cable, so we'll be able to watch TV in our cinnamon toast bedroom. YAY! Even if the rest of the house is in disarray, we can retreat to our cinnamon toast haven.


Melissa said...

congrats on the progress!!

April said...

I feel your excitement and I am so happy for you! Room by room, your new house will start to look and feel(and smell) like home. Congrats on your new house and on another adventure for you and S and little J!

Leigh Ann said...

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that color!!! I am just so darn excited for you about your new house. I WISH I lived closer so I could help you do things to it. Call me nuts, but I do LOVE to paint rooms. Especially other people's. My friend Stephanie and I painted a friend of her's whole house(inside) one time just because we were having fun doing it. My living room is cement gray and it is so butt ugly. I am just too lazy to move all my junk to paint it. But give me someone else's house to paint and I'm in heaven! We would have the best painting parties. Why do we have to live clear across the country from each other???? :-/

Miss J's Mom said...

Thanks, Melissa and April!

LA, I'd love if you were here (or I was there). I'm in love with your accent, and we'd have so much fun watching our skinny babies play. And heck, I'll take the help painting! :)