Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blue eyeshadow and fake flowers in the hair

This was one of those could-be eye roll moments, and I successfully got through it without rolling my eyes. I think I only got through it with rolling my eyes because I was so incredulous.

I went to Fred Meyer (kinda like a Super Target) today. I got into the shortest line, at least it seemed to be. There was a lady in front of me who looked my age, maybe a little younger. It was hard to tell because she was decked out in a black sequin dress. She was about 6-7 months pregnant, and the dress was tight. She had on really heavy blue eyeshadow and a plastic flower in her hair. I don't know if she was going to an 80s themed New Year party, or if she was just a bit off. Who knows.

Well, she was paying partly with Womens, Infants, Children (WIC). WIC is a pain in the butt, as I have learned from being behind people using WIC numerous times. You have to get specific products in specific sizes or they won't pay for it. There's lots of matching involved, and you can just see the cashier sighing when people pull out a pile of WIC checks and make the cashier figure it all out.

If I was on WIC, I would try to make it really easy for the cashier. I'd line everything up with the appropriate coupon and make sure I got the correct things.

So we get through the WIC ordeal, and she is buying some non-WIC stuff. It comes to $20 or so. Well, this lady doesn't even pull out her wallet until the cashier gives her the total. Out comes the wallet, and she searches through the very stuffed wallet. Searching, searching, searching... She pulls out $7....more searching.... and nada.

At this point, I really really really want to sigh.

Then she starts taking things off her order. My stuff was kinda piled up high behind hers, so I didn't get to observe the critical decisions of what she gives up vs. what she keeps. Finally she gets to $7. She leaves, head held up high.

I really don't understand the mentality. Before I go to the store, I think most adults should know how much they have or how much they're able to spend. Shouldn't she have counted her money BEFORE entering the store and then made those choices while shopping?

It's almost as if she expected money to magically appear in her wallet. I just don't get the attitude. I feel sorry for her on one hand to have almost no life skills (at least when it comes to grocery shopping), and then on the other hand I am appalled by the attitude.

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