Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hotel Rooms

Here I am in this fancy hotel, awake at 4am.

I don't know about you, but I'm the girl who is used to remote controls that are glued to the nightstand in my motels. My mom always had us stay in Motel 6's: "it doesn't matter where you're sleeping when the lights are out."

Fancy hotels are really a foreign concept to me. This one has a weird theme and is an older building that's been converted. So the rooms are kind of an odd layout. There's an entry area and a bathroom, then you walk into a sitting area, and then there are sliding doors to a bedroom. It's really big. And there is striped wallpaper everywhere. It's gold and cream, so it's like a "fancy" jail.

Do people really get suckered into fancy hotel conveniences? There's a bottle of water on the nightstand. $5 for a bottle of water. No thanks, I'll hike it to the bathroom and drink tap water. There's a stuffed bear laying on one of the beds. Couldn't figure it out for a while, and then I realized it was a horrible trick. If you had a kid with you, that bear would be the first thing the kid would see. He/she would become attached to the bear, and you would end up paying the $35 price that was written on the tag coming from his ear. Pay $35 or have a screaming kid upon departure? Evil, I tell ya. I'll take Motel 6 instead, which doesn't give you instant toddler meltdown cues.

Of course the sitting room has a big TV and so does the bedroom. I really need to like television more because I haven't watched anything. I was looking for a free Shred when I arrived, but they only had yoga. I'm sooooo not a yoga girl. No patience.

There's this weird picture in front of my bed. I suppose it goes with the theme of the hotel, but it is disturbing to look at when you're in bed.

May I comment about the climate control that they make you think you have control of when you really don't? It's this digital thing (Motel 6 has their climate control under the window with the dial had much more actual control). I've kicked that baby down to the low 60s, and it still feels like it's 75 degrees. There's a microscopic difference between fan low / medium / high (there's no "off").

Since Dateline has concluded that there's no difference in cleanliness between lower-end and higher-end hotels, I think I'm going to remain a Motel 6 girl. Not that I really travel that much.


Melissa said...

35 bucks for a teddy bear??? That's nuts!

Krista said...

Do they charge for the internet? It has been my experience that the cheapy hotels don't charge and the upscale ones do. Drives me crazy.

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Miss J's Mom said...

Krista, they actually gave FREE wireless. I was expecting at least $10/day, so that was neat.