Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wedding Rundown

I should be writing about the wedding today.  Most of the time it seems like I need some time to process events, sort my thoughts, and - well - breathe.  Catch my breath and do a blog entry a day or two later after I have processed everything.  Is anyone else like this?  It's hard to write about things before they are properly absorbed.  So this may not be the only entry, there may be another after I've had some processing time.  But with all of my nervous energy around this, I feel like I owe y'all a rundown.

I think most of my regular readers are my FB friends, and I posted the pictures there.  If you aren't and want to be, just e-mail me at my contact address on here. The pictures essentially tell the story of the day, minus the vows and my speech.  They had really cute vows - like "I vow to eat my vegetables."  When your wife is in school to be a dietician, vows like that are cute and appropriate.  My husband said my speech was good, and of course he would never, ever lie, right?  :-) 

Weather - eh, 60ish degrees, no rain, not that windy (thank goodness!)
Bride and groom - happy
Sailboat ride - good.  Seeing the city from Puget Sound was really nice.  The ceremony was very short since basically they just read their vows and exchanged rings (3-4 minutes). It wasn't like the 30 minute ordeal of a Catholic ceremony like I did.  It was a 2 hour sail, which was more than adequate and actually kind of long.  I was starting to get a little claustrophobic with 10 of us + 2 crew members sharing a small-ish space. 
Logistics - pretty smooth, just a few minute wait for the shuttle to take us from the boat to the restaurant
Other attendees - nice
Food - good.  I've never seen mashed potatoes look so much like chowder. Seriously, they looked weird.  They tasted decent (heavy on the cream though). Salmon was good. Hubby's fish and chips tasted good.  (Well, of COURSE I ate all of my food and then ate 1/3 of my husband's food...duh.)
Cake - gluten free, dairy free.  It was lemon-y, yummy, on the dense side but the frosting was fairly light. 
My hair - curled it, hair sprayed it, pulled some of it back.  It loses curl rather quickly, unlike my daughter's natural curls. Due to the very little wind, at least it wasn't blowing all over the place.

The bride and groom are officially married and ready to start a new chapter of their life together. Congrats!

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