Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainbow Sherbet

I am dismayed by the young adult book section nowadays.  At least 2/3 of the books are vampire/magic/supernatural.  I don't have anything against the supernatural, but it's quite, ugh, prevalent everywhere you look.  As in, even Hilary Duff (or a ghostwriter) has written her book that she hopes will be as successful as Twilight.

Back in my day, book series were popular.  Lots and lots of books were in each series, and they had to be written by ghostwriters because it seemed as if there were one or two published a month.

Sweet Valley High

Babysitters Club

Fear Street

Choose Your Own Adventure

Boxcar Children

Then there were the lesser known series I enjoyed.  Like some other teenage girls, I loved the Sweet Dreams series. I read what seemed like every book in this series from when I was 12-15 years old.  And then...I don't know, real boys are quite different than how the Sweet Dreams series portrays. Not bad, just different. Anyway, it didn't seem relevant to my life anymore, so I stopped reading them.  Apparently the series continued on even after I went to college.  Check out this groovy cover I found - yes, it's Courteney Cox!  It's as if someone threw up rainbow sherbet all over her and she's into women now.  But Sweet Dreams books weren't that racy and diverse, so she probably just modeled during the height of Miami Vice.

I read Lurlene McDaniel books for a while until I caught on that the main character always dies. Sure, once in a while I can take a sad ending, but every stinkin' book?  Her books seemed a little depressing for the mainstream teenage girl audience although I suppose if you had leukemia it might be somewhat comforting to read.  The character finds love (comforting), and then she dies.  This one is entitled Time To Let Go.  Even though I haven't read this book, I'll give you a hint - she probably dies.

I wonder where all of these old series are.  In the library, I cannot find any of the old Sweet Valley High, Sweet Dreams, or Babysitters Club books. Where have these books gone? Landfills?  So sad, I'd love to reread a Sweet Dreams book.

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