Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday randoms

I haven't been feeling well for the past few days - physically or mentally.  I always know my blogging chi gets all screwed up when that happens, and then I choose very superficial stuff to talk about very sporadically.  Hopefully, crossing my fingers, my spell will be lifted this week if I DON'T hear anything.  No news is good news in this instance. 

Due to being in my funk, here is yet another superficial post about nothing in particular. (Hey, at least I warned you.)

- Went for reflexology today.  My third time at the Korean spa.  I don't think I ever talked about my second experience.  During that one, I had a woman for the upper body massage and a man for the lower body (I'm not even in the mood to make a joke here, please insert your own).  The weirdest thing happened with the woman during that one.  Laying there, minding my own business, and she sticks her finger in my ear!  Kind of massages in my ear.  That is ... odd.  I must say that I've never had anyone stick his or her finger in my ear.  That orifice has never had such a probing - except that one time I had an ear infection and the doctor stuck something in my ear (not his finger).  This time I had the guy again, and thank goodness he's not into sticking fingers in ears. 

- In bloggy land and in FB land, I've heard such rave reviews about Friday Night Lights (the TV show).  It's based on this high school football team in Odessa, TX that was really, really good in the late 1980s.  By coincidence, I lived in Odessa, TX in the late 1980s.  I actually lived 2 blocks away from Permian High School.  I was only a kid then, but even I knew how much football made that town go round.  As much as I want to distance myself from that whole experience, I did get sucked in by that show (Netflix streaming).  I have such a soft spot for teenage dramas. 

- As I'm typing this, my husband is complaining about how hooooooottttttt it is.  He then asked if I'm writing about him complaining about how hot it is.  Now I have to add that. 

- I listen to my iPod with all the songs on random unless something goes haywire and then it starts spewing them in alphabetical order by song title.  I've tried playlists, but it doesn't work too well.  I'm not terribly patient, and I fast forward through a bunch of songs to find one I like better.  Of course I have a reason for each song being there, and I feel kind of bad that I zip through the same ones over and over.  How did I survive in the days of cassette tapes when you had to manually fast forward, then you overshot, had to rewind, etc.?  We have it so good now. 

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