Thursday, July 21, 2011

So this is summer

It's windy out.  Not the type of windy that will turn your umbrella inside out and stop you in your tracks.  It's more like the gentler wind that makes you zip up your hoodie.  I'm not outside right now, but the window's open and I'm a wind connoisseur who has 20 years of experience with Seattle summer(ish) winds.

Speaking of summer, unless you're in Seattle, you're probably feeling kind of balmy.  We're not so balmy out here.  Did you know that Seattle has had 78 MINUTES of summer (defined as 80 degrees or above) thus far this year?  It's really messing with my head because it feels like early June if I just go by internal weather assessment.  But here it is close to August, and I haven't even had a legitimate sno cone yet.  Plus I found sno cone syrup at Target on the clearance rack for 50% off already!  Not that I mind terribly that I got a good deal on syrup and I'm not dripping sweat, it's just kind of odd - that is all. 

It is 4am.  Yep, insomnia is alive and well.  My insomnia activities are somewhat limited.  I could go downstairs and do stuff, but unless it involves retrieving food from the kitchen, I'm not all that inspired.  Turning on a light to read may wake my husband, and the poor guy has already been woken up by Julia and by me sneezing.  Click clacking on the laptop while the screen is dimmed to the minimum seems to be the most benign option.  If only I had some epiphany about what to talk about... 

Oh yeah, the article I just read.  Kim Kardashian is suing Old Navy that hired a model that looked like her.  Unless Old Navy said it was Kim and it wasn't, I don't think the lawsuit will go anywhere.  Seriously, how big of an ego does she have that she think no one else who kinda looks like her can model?  I saw the picture of the other model.  I have never watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and really don't even know why Kim is famous, but even I know that the other model isn't Kim.  Sheesh.

Better get a few more hours of sleep!

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