Saturday, July 30, 2011

Death is not imminent

I got my biopsy results in the mail.  And it was kind of like a college acceptance letter.  I quote:

"Great news! Your pathology results are in, and they were BENIGN!"

See, at my outpatient surgery I got a lot done.  As in, 4 separate procedures.  2 of the procedures involved biopsies, lucky me.  Initially, I was all, "Eh, they're just being super cautious."  Then I wasn't feeling so well, and then the other one started to hurt, and then I got in such a panic that I thought death was imminent.

I really wish someone would give me Xanax. 

Anyway, all is okay, I'm not going to die just yet.  I still have the bandaid on my tummy because I caught a glimmer of dark gray, and I'm pretty sure I'm being held together by a staple.  I'm soooo not ready to see that. 

S's parents should be arriving momentarily. 

I want a nap. 

I'm hungry. 

As you can see, I'm working way back to my sense of normal. 

Have a lovely day!


Krista said...

Great news!!! How is the visit going?

Quietly Subversive said...

It's going just fine. Let's hope it stays pleasant. Thanks for asking!

You're almost going back home - you must be excited!

Wendy said...

Much better sans Fox News, eh?

Quietly Subversive said...

Not having Fox News on the big TV is so very nice. However, they have a Slingbox, so they can remotely access their cable TV with their computer. Thus far, they haven't played Fox News in our presence over the computer.

How's the big ol' move?

Wendy said...

Cars arrived yesterday and are in the garage. We will be arriving Thursday night and our stuff arrives Friday. The remodel is still ongoing so we'll be staying on the first floor for a while until everything is closed off upstairs. I plan on spending every waking minute in the pool...

Quietly Subversive said...

For some reason, I thought you were driving. It will be much nicer to fly in and intermittently unpack/live at the pool. Safe travels!