Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quiet Weekend

The blogosphere has been quiet this holiday weekend.  So have I. 

The sunset sure looks pretty, and there's a cold breeze coming in through the windows.  I love when the room gets so cold that you have to bury yourself under lots of covers to stay warm.  Now the frogs are starting, with intermittent fireworks in the background. 

The Stepford neighborhood down the street is extremely patriotic, as one might expect.  One house even spraypainted stars on their front lawn.  It's, ugh, interesting.

Damn those Double Stuf Oreos.  I wish Julia would eat them at a faster rate than 1-2 per day. 

July Fourth plans are that some friends are coming down, bbq'ing on the deck, and hopefully continued relaxing to be had.  Have a great holiday!

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