Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sick Daze

The Center Director at Julia's daycare is always sick. She's sick like 2-3 days a week; that's how much she calls in sick. And the thing is: it's always a different ailment! I completely understand if you have chronic issues with one body part. I really do. But in the last month it's been migraines, feet hurt, flu, stomach hurts, back hurts, sinus infection, cold, hair hurts (okay, I jest on that one, but you get the point).

Can that many things be wrong with someone who's 40 years old? Or is she a complete hypochondriac who has zero threshold for pain? Who really knows? Is it even possible to know? For some of those illnesses you can drag yourself to work. It's just crazy that she can take that much time off of work for being sick. And the employees in all seriousness will tell you that her feet hurt and that's why she's not in today. Really? My feet hurt too sometimes, but they'd hurt if I was at home instead of at work. So why not come to work and distract myself?

To each her own. I suppose we all have different work ethics. I really hope to raise Julia with the work ethic that you drag yourself to school or work unless you can't get out of bed. Otherwise, she'll get fired so fast from her jobs & I'll end up supporting her til she's old and gray.

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