Thursday, April 29, 2010

ABC's of Me

A) Are you a PC or a Mac?
PC, but I have an iPhone, that's kinda like having a Mac, right?

B) Best show currently on TV:
I really don't watch TV. I do sometimes watch Big Bang Theory though, and it's cute.

C) Chore you dislike:
All of them. :)

D) Dogs or Cats?
I'm really allergic to cats, and they kinda freak me out. So by default, dogs. However, I'm not fond of the ones that run up to you and jump on you.

E) Essential "Start the day" items:
Shower, food

F) Favorite Color:

G) Gold or Silver:
I'm not super picky on the jewelry.

H) Height: 5'5.5" almost 5'6" but not quite. I have to start rounding because otherwise doctors' offices put 5'5".

I) Instrument you play:
Julia's drum?

J) Job:
most days

K) Kids?
1 quirky girl

L) Living where?
My own personal Jamaica

M) Mom's name:
I call her Mom. :)

N) Nickname:
B e t h y

O) Overnight hospital stay:
Just when I had Miss J

P: Pet Peeve:
Shall I write a novel: being late, incessant clearing of throat, whistling, "hang in there," hypocrisy, people who reek of way too much fragrance, not washing hands, laziness, people with constant excuses... need I go on?

Q) Quote from a movie:
I don't know any movie well enough to have a quote.

R) Righty or Lefty?
I'm a righty...

S) Siblings:
Nope, and it's okay.

T) TV shows you watch:
Big Bang Theory sometimes and HGTV

U) Underwear:

V) Veggies you like:
almost ALL of them! Aren't you proud? I think the only one I don't like is brussel sprouts.

W) Ways you flirt:
Is rolling your eyes counted as flirting?

X) Expiration Dates - do you keep or toss?
Depends what it is. Meds - oh yeah, like years after (or maybe a decade...). Dry ingredients - maybe up to a year. Wet ingredients - not so much.

Y) Yummy foods you make:
I suck at cooking, but I do enjoy baking.

Z) Zoo animal you like:
I always enjoy the snakes at the zoo. I always see if I can find the mouse being digested. Do I need mental help? Okay, I'll change my answer to koala bears. They are so darn cute! :) Now do I seem more stereotypical?

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Marie Tere said...

I may fit one on your "P" list, and if I don't, I know someone who might.