Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long week and it's not over

I knew going into this week that it would be terrible. Bathroom remodel (which means I get 2 additional husbands for the week) & have to make things look decent since people are trudging through the house, work meetings, painting, cabinet problems, picking up furniture, Julia's GI appt, S's tournament, after work meeting... I mean, when you have that many things out of the normal routine, something's gotta go wrong.

There have definitely been blips: the cabinet problems we weren't anticipating & Julia meds screw-up. And today I used my entire day off on painting. That in itself isn't bad, but I didn't relax any today & I think I ended the day at my most wound up thus far this week, and I still have 2 work days to make it through. And then on Saturday S is gone all day, so I need to think of activities to do with her. Somehow I don't think she'll go for taking an all day nap! I think my mom and I (and Miss J) are going shopping in either the morning or afternoon. I presume for the other timeslot we'll play outside, barring rain.

It's funny how on weekends I schedule the day with "breakfast," "morning activity," "lunch & nap," "afternoon activity," "dinner," and "winddown." Another method I try to use is to make one of the day's activities productive and one *fun*. My logic is that as Julia grows up, she's going to participate more and more in the everyday running of the household. So if she *helps* do chores or goes along while we do chores, she's exposed to that. The fun activity is self-explanatory. It also gives us time to spend with her while doing something productive and some time that's specifically geared toward her having fun, whether it be going to the park or swimming lessons or playing outside.

I am so sore! Today I had the day off and painted from what would have been my work start time until what would have been my work end time. I didn't even stop to eat except for 3-minute granola bars. It felt good to make some progress on painting. I know, I know, I always say I'm painting. But I just started the basement, and it's HUGE & it feels like it's going to take forever. It really is easier to do the basement in large chunks of time like I did today. By the time you prep, get the paint in the roller pan (for the roller stuff) or the canister (for brush stuff), clean all the brushes/rollers, put away, etc., that takes about an hour. If you're doing 8 hours of work, that's not too bad. But ordinarily I only have 2-3 hours between Miss J's bedtime and my bedtime, and 1 hour taken out of that for logistics doesn't give me a whole lot of painting time. Plus after working all day, doing the Julia routine, any errands, etc., the last thing I want to do after she goes to bed is to paint.

However, on the bright side, 7 hours of actual painting today burnt 2,000 calories according to several different fitness sources online. I could NOT believe that; that's why I had to check multiple places. I am sore. My back and arms are killing me. I'm physically exhausted. So while I may be burning the candle at both ends, I am getting a workout. Not too bad.


Marie Tere said...

I expect a smiling face in the a.m. :)

Krista said...

Holy painting batman.