Monday, April 12, 2010


The good thing about painting after work is that it's hard to snack while you're painting. Less calories ingested is always a good thing for me. The bad part is that it's harder to get my exercise in. 2 hours with Miss J before she goes to bed, 2 hours painting, 1 hour putzing (laundry, blogging, e-mail, phone, clip coupons, etc.) & it's 10-11pm.

Right now I'm painting the circular stairwell to the basement. The ceiling to the stairwell is the bottom of the stairwell to the upstairs. So it's painting the underside of the other stairwell. I can't quite reach it, and I can't get the stool to stay on the stairs while I paint. I'm not quite sure how to paint the part I can't reach. Maybe that's why God invented husbands. When I try painting that ceiling, I stretch too far and end up almost slipping and then dripping Eldorado Tan all over me.

I exercised on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. I couldn't muster the energy to exercise after painting tonight. There's only so much a girl can do in a day.

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Melissa said...

Don't stress. Just celebrate what you were able to do. :)