Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost in the Woods

I took today off. It was a bi-yoo-ti-ful day! My day started with taking my new camera and going for a walk in the woods/state park that's a block away. There is a very intricate trail system with little signage, and I got lost 3 times. I was intending to take an hour walk, but it became 2.5 hours due to how turned around I got. It was okay - I'm persistent, I like to walk, and I enjoyed trying out the new camera. However, after reaching hour two in my ordeal, my right hip started hurting, and I was really thirsty. The fun had worn out. Memo to self: keep all hiking within 2 hours.

After I got home, I took a little nap. I love naps, and a day off is not complete without a nap. And gosh darn it, after walking 6+ miles (half of which was uphill), I earned it!

When I woke up, I started painting the playroom. Just like Julia's room, it was a bright lavender when we moved in. I like it for Julia's room, but it's a little too much for TWO rooms. Either it's easy to overdose on lavender, or I'm not much of a lavender fan. I took down the very thick blue and yellow flowered valance (don't tell me how that was supposed to match lavender). Then I started painting. I made good progress for 5 hours of painting, but I still have a bit of trim to do, then taking the tape off, putting the outlets back, that kind of stuff.

S is taking over basement stairwell duty since the remaining to be done requires being on a step stool while on a stair. My balance isn't the best, and he's taller. Hence, he's it!

Lots of painting going on around here. Thursday morning the bathroom cabinets will be delivered, so those will be hanging out in the dining room until next week. Things are moving along well, I suppose.

This weekend looks pretty clear as far as agenda items, and I'm thrilled. The last few weekends have been so busy that it's nice to have some time to putz and just hang out without urgent things and commitments.

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