Sunday, April 18, 2010

Good weekend but so much to do

Back in the old house our weekends seemed so much more fun. Sure, we had chores and home projects, but our home projects were like 3 times a year and they were projects like paint one room or change out a faucet. (I lie like a rug because we redid the master bathroom and changed the kitchen floor, but that was after living there for 10 years).

In this house, it seems like there are so many massive projects looming over our heads. We redid the kitchen, but there is a significant amount of massive still ahead: redoing all of the bathroom cabinets & countertops, new entertainment center cabinets, painting the entire basement, painting the entire hallway & stairwell, installing new carpet, refinishing the hardwood, laying tile in the laundry room, laying tile in all of the bathrooms, more painting, etc. And after all that, then we really need to turn our attention to the yard that has been neglected for 10 YEARS! Plus we both work full-time and try to do some fun stuff with Miss J. Although she is getting pretty good at handling a screwdriver being our "Lil Assistant"! Hopefully we're not inflicting psychological damage since we tend to skip the park more often than not and instead paint and install things around the house.

Friday night we spent painting. S finished painting the stairwell to the basement. I painted the baseboards in the downstairs bathroom. The original owners had done some sort of beach theme in that bathroom, and they painted gold on the white baseboards to kind of match the antique-y beach theme. It really didn't look good, and it was one of those things that had to be done so I tackled that. This weekend we made a huge Lowe's expedition: buying 180 sq ft of tile, mortar, tiling accessories & some outdoor lighting (the old lights are 1995 vintage brass and have completely oxidized). In the afternoon, I took Julia to Target to buy sheets, and we hung out at the mall for a while. Then we went grocery shopping. While I had Miss J in the afternoon, S started painting the upstairs bathroom. Then today S finished up that painting, I went to the store this morning, we had a playdate (yay for Miss J!) & I finished the painting in the downstairs bathroom. Tomorrow they are starting the bathroom cabinets & countertops remodel, so we had to pack up all the stuff in the bathroom cabinets. And we thoroughly cleaned the kitchen and swept the hardwood. And Grandma came over to play with Miss J. Whew!

Hope this week goes smoothly. It's going to be a weird week. The remodel's going on all week, on Tuesday is Julia's GI appt, Wed I have off (but the remodeling is going on so I'm not sure if I'm going to hang out at home or not), Thursday is a union meeting after work & Friday is a long meeting at work. During the kitchen remodel, it was completely exhausting because things would come up each day & it would take a few hours in the evening to resolve/figure out. So I don't think much is going to get done other than a few loads of laundry during this work week. :)

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