Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thought Process

This is how my thoughts went yesterday.

"Will and Jada broke up?! Wow! My #1 is back on the market ... oh, but I'm married and not famous."
Pause, daydream involving Will Smith for a long time...

"I wonder who he's cheating on her with."
"I think Jada would be difficult to deal with as an ex-wife." 
"What celebutante is the other woman? Hey, maybe he's bi."
"I feel bad for the kids."
"I wonder how much she's going to get."
"I wonder if any smarmy details are going to be released. They don't seem the types to do that, but I'd really like to know if smarm was involved."
"Will is perfect, why would you divorce him?"
"They had such a huge height difference."

In all seriousness, it is sad to see a couple who was together that long get divorced.

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