Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The one saving grace

Yesterday I had the pleasure/horror of watching Hall Pass.  I didn't get a good start with it because it seriously had 20 minutes of previews that you couldn't fast forward through or skip.  20 wasted minutes of my life = starting out cranky. 

It starred Owen Wilson, who I cannot stand.  I know KOT loves him - why? I do not know.  I don't think he's attractive. I don't think he's talented. I don't think he's smart. His voice grates on me. 

Tangent: I love men's voices. If he has a nice voice, I don't care what he says. Just talk.  Seth Rogen, Kevin James, Kevin Smith, Will Smith, LL Cool J, Joshua Jackson, Tupac, etc. I think I dated at least one guy because he had that smooth voice that I could listen to all day.  Owen Wilson?  No thanks. He's irritating to listen to. He's not attractive. I do not want to hear him or see him, thank you very much.

So why did I watch a movie starring my least favorite actor? I have no idea.

The plot wasn't original. Due to the Owen thing, I didn't even find it funny. 

However, there was one saving grace of the movie.  Full frontal male nudity...for about 10 seconds.  As a bonus, it wasn't Owen Wilson full frontal nudity. 

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