Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 2

I had today off, which means...well, an interesting day.  (Please don't judge. Okay, judge if you must.)

4 slices of swiss cheese
1 serving of ice cream

Yeah yeah, I know I'm supposed to be dairy free.

cup of grapes
easy mac

soft taco
bean burrito

2 servings of ice cream

Not really a banner day. This I know.  BUT, overall calories weren't that bad.  So I kept it together in that respect.


Jesse said...

Why do I get the feeling that my comments are going to end up being annoying? If you tell me to shut up, I will, lol.

1. No ice cream.

2. Too much focus on calories. You could eat 10 cups of ice cream and nothing else, and that might be an equal number of calories to if you had a balanced day of grains, fruits, vegetables, and dairy (or whatever you replace dairy with.) It might be the same calorie-wise, but the second option is going to fill you up much more, making it easier for you to stay under your calorie count in the upcoming days. Also, the second option is obviously much healthier in general.

Jesse said...

Also, have you tried cereal for breakfast? Having grains for breakfast will probably fill you up a lot more than cheese, which will probably make you less hungry for the rest of the day.

Quietly Subversive said...

If you see a theme, point it out. Ice cream is a theme. Feel free to point it out. Cheese is a theme. I typically don't eat THIS much cheese, but I'm having a huge craving. I thought about using sno cones to wean me off of ice cream, which replaces ice cream with HFCS. But that gets me some sort of progress in the right direction, right?

I'm not "supposed" to eat cereal that contains gluten, which I'll admit leaves me a lot of options. The cereals I like? Lucky Charms and crap like that, which have very little nutritional value. The cereals with more nutritional value tend to have gluten - Fiber One, Shredded Wheat, blah blah blah. Is there protein content in most cereals? I tend to feel hungry quickly after eating cereal.

I know I have to get better about protein for breakfast. I think I'd readily eat a piece of meat over cereal though. Maybe cook it the night before and just reheat?

Jesse said...

Ahh, too bad, I was going to recommend shredded wheat. I prefer frosted mini-wheats, which admittedly have a lot of calories because of the sugar, but I'm not a calorie counter. That tends to fill me up pretty quickly. Stay away from those highly processed cereals that are mostly sugar (Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, etc.) Can you eat raisin bran? That, or any other bran-flakes cereal (NOT Frosted Flakes) are also good at filling me up.

I have no protein for breakfast, aside from the protein in the 1% milk I have with my cereal. If you want protein for breakfast, buy some of that powdered 100% whey protein I mentioned and mix a serving of it in with the cereal.

If you want meat for breakfast but don't want to cook, you could have cold cuts. But if it's red meat that you're having, be careful not to overdose. Turkey is the best meat fat-wise; it's now the only meat that my dad is allowed to eat after his heart attack.

Sno cones are definitely preferable to ice cream, since they don't have any fat. Still, if you want to lose weight, simply eliminating all snacks, candy, and junk food is probably the best option.

Jesse said...

Sorry, missed your earlier comment about not being able to eat whey. I personally think the whey milkshakes I make taste pretty nasty, but I have them anyway. I guess I'm lucky in that I'm definitely more of an "eat to live" type than vice versa.

Anyways, it's not a huge deal that you can't eat whey and don't like that other protein powder, because I always recommend getting protein, and everything else, naturally. Only reason I have it is that I need more protein than I get in my natural diet due to weightlifting, and because I try not to eat much meat for environmental, health, and animal welfare reasons. So if you'd prefer beans and meat to protein powder, that's a good thing.

I also have to mention tofu as the obvious best option for getting lots of healthy protein. I'm aware that 99% of Americans are disgusted by the thought of it, a fact that I can't understand. I love the stuff.

Quietly Subversive said...


It will take more pre-planning to have protein for breakfast. Worth it, just more pre-planning.

Wendy said...

Egg whites. Come in a carton. Spray some Pam on a tupperware container and nuke until firm. Can add veggies, mushrooms, cheese, the like. That's how I do my morning protein!

Quietly Subversive said...

I had some eggs this morning with lots of salsa. The salsa helped a bit. When I was little, I was forced to eat eggs. I usually had 3 slices of Kraft cheese for every egg. Eggs have a weird texture.