Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When we moved into this house, we had "immediate problem areas" that needed paint pronto. These were the day glo yellow kitchen/nook/family room, the seafoam/institutional green in the master bedroom & bathroom, and the truly awful baby blue in the main bathroom. If these weren't painted immediately, I think we would turn into even crazier raving lunatics than we already are. The effort took 10 gallons of paint (including a bit of leftover paint). Let's call it Phase 1: Immediate Problem Areas.

The rest of the main living space was tolerable as far as color goes, but the thing is that it hasn't been painted AT ALL in the 15 years this house has been standing. Some rooms have held up better than others, but the particularly dingy spots are the hallways, laundry room (with this awful flower seed border) and stairwells. So if we're painting all of that, we might as well add in the living room and dining room, right? Most of it is a nondescript dark beige/light brown. We got a tad lighter shade, and our plan is to paint the rest of the living area. And we want to paint the front door burgundy instead of the current dingy navy blue. We might also paint the powder room burgundy. To paint all of this, I bought 16 gallons of paint. 2 gallons of Eldorado Tan semi gloss, 1 gallon of white semi gloss, 12 gallons of Eldorabo Tan satin & 1 Classic Burgundy semi gloss. I'm calling this Phase 2. Phase 2 is getting these 16 gallons of paint onto the walls.

Then there's Phase 3. Phase 3 is the basement. We'll get to that when we finish Phase 2 and recover from the PTSD from Phase 2.

Tonight I cracked open the first gallon of Phase 2. My goal/hope is to put a gallon on the walls each week. So in 16 weeks I will theoretically have finished Phase 2. That puts us at about the end of July.

The bad part of Phase 2 is that I will have less time for exercise. I'm not sure I can count painting as exercise. The good part of Phase 2 is that if I'm painting, I'm not eating. And honestly that's where I have my hardest time: I eat way too much. That's why I have only lost 2 pounds in 2010 so far. So potentially the upside to painting my little heart out is that I might lose weight even if I'm losing exercise time.


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Krista said...

That is a lot of paint!