Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Check was Found!

Bank of America found the check! My mind is coming up with images of someone pulling it out of a wastebasket, all rumpled up with a wad of gum plastered to it. Hallelujah, the check was found!

Bank of America receives the shining honor of Bank I Hate the Most. I downloaded their iPhone app today and guess what...Mobile Banking isn't available in my state. With USAA you can make deposits by taking a picture of a check with your phone, but I can't even look at my Bank of America accounts with my phone.

As I have described over the past few months, my bank karma is hideous. I should just take my name off all my bank accounts and let my husband deal with everything.

Just like all my other bank stories (like wanting to see my home loan online), today's has an innocuous beginning. I want to deposit a $15 check into my Chase account. I don't even want cash back. Simple, right? Depositing $15 even meets my threshold of dealing with an ATM. Score!

The first problem was that the ATM didn't have envelopes, so I had to go into the bank itself. There was a big ol' line, 2 tellers, and 5 employees standing around in the part of the bank where there are desks. I finally inch up to be the first person in line when one of the employees standing around says she'll take me at one of those desks.

I hand her my $15 check and deposit slip. She tells me to sit down. Ugh, I just want my deposit credited. She says she'll have it taken to the back and while we wait, we should go over my accounts.

W-w-w-w-w-what? I just want my $15 credited. Let me go, Lady.

She wants to verify my address. I swear I changed my address with Chase, but she says they still have my old one. Give her my ID to get my address.

Then she says that she'll go over my accounts. My heart sinks because I have about 10 accounts with Chase. This could take a year. After she goes through all my information (which I didn't ask her to do because, after all, I just wanted my $15 credited), she says I have a wonderful opportunity.

Why does she sound like she's trying to sell me a Magic Bullet?

She noticed I have a Chase credit card and, guess what, I've been preapproved for a SECOND Chase credit card!!!! (insert cheesy smile like she's telling me I won the lotto)

So for the next 5 minutes I have to keep reiterating that I don't want another credit card. I just want my $15 check deposited.

By the time I get out of Chase, I realize that I could have stood in that big ol' line 3 more times, and I would have still gotten out more quickly.


As a sidebar to the whole Chase credit card thing, I applied for my Chase credit card back in 2004 (well before Chase bought WAMU from the FDIC). We had just paid off the last house, and the rewards on this card were appealing (since I don't carry a balance). I apply for the card and find out that my Chase credit limit is $500. I was appalled! My credit score was 800, I had a reasonable income level, 10 years of established credit without a blemish, paid off a mortgage, and they were giving me a $500 credit limit????? So I called and talked to a customer service rep who told me that I had an awesome credit score and an established credit history. I said I was puzzled as to why my credit limit was $500 because, as most people know, a $500 credit limit makes life a bit difficult as an adult. He asked what kind of credit limit I wanted. I said $2,000 seemed reasonable. He raised it to $2,000. To this day I still have that Chase credit card with a $2,000 credit limit. It's the main one that I use for personal stuff despite having higher credit limits elsewhere. Not sure why I use that one so much, but I do.

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