Saturday, March 27, 2010

Don't wake the baby

What is it with suburban neighborhoods? Granted, we've only lived in two houses during our adult lives thus far, so I'm not sure I have the right to extrapolate. WHY WHY WHY does someone own a dirt bike/ATV/really loud motorcycle within a four-house span? Do that many people own these noise machines?

At the last house, there was an empty field behind our house and from February to October (like 3/4 of the year), people rode around with their ATVs and other noisy motor vehicles. They would go around and around the field for what seemed like hours. When you're a cranky girl who wants sleep or you have an infant who just got to sleep, this will make you open your window and scream at them (not that they'll hear you).

In this house, there's a dirt biker who lives behind us. What he does is ride around the perimeter of his house OVER and OVER again. It's not even a big yard. He just rides the little loop. Occasionally he'll go into the cul-de-sac. I don't get it.

Call me naive, but if you had one of these things, wouldn't you want to use it on the open road? Going around in circles has got to get old, right? I guess with the last house, it was a field and had terrain changes, so you could do little jumps. I guess I can see that could be entertaining for a few minutes, but going around the perimeter of your yard? That's lame.

Oh, he's probably learning how to ride. That's probably it. But still....don't wake the baby!

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Melissa said...

lol....we had that trouble when LM was a baby. I called the cops on them. ;)