Monday, March 29, 2010

No Walk Today

Blogging at lunch today because it's pouring outside. There's intermittent spells of not pouring, and I might actually try to risk getting a walk in, but I know the minute I'm 5 minutes away, it will start pouring again. I'm not relishing sitting in wet clothes for the rest of the day & I'm not in the mood to go to the mall, so I will just do an epic blog post while I sit here and eat carrots.

I did once a month cooking this weekend. I tried to use lower fat/calorie ingredients, but still ... it's hard to reduce the calorie count of lasagna and chicken enchiladas that much. I'm going to have to find some lighter recipes if I want to make this once a month cooking a habit. Otherwise, I'll quickly gain a ton of weight. Those white sauce enchiladas were good. How I love white sauce with green onions & lots of cheese.

We might actually attempt to tile our laundry room ourselves. Hubby is handy-ish, I'm not so handy, we shall see how this turns out. We have vinyl in the laundry room now, and it's all stained. There's this huge yellow stain (maybe where a dog crate or a fridge was???) on it, and the vinyl has blue diamonds & frankly isn't my favorite. Then they had this flower seed border around the whole room with a spice rack valance thing, and it was too much. Last night I got fed up and scraped off the border, yanked off the valance, and soon I'm going to start painting the room. It makes sense to paint it before we re-do the flooring. "Ooops, I dripped paint over the blue diamond vinyl with yellow stains. What am I to do?"

My PTSD with the previous painting (master bedroom, master bathroom, main bath, kitchen, nook, family room) seems to be dissipating. Not sure if hubby's PTSD is. I think I can make a lot of painting progress on my own, so that can be my nighttime therapy. It also doubles as an appetite suppressant.

Speaking of that, my personal goal was to lose 1.7 lbs this week. I'm just not feeling it. The heavy chili I made + chicken enchiladas probably weren't the wisest choices. I may have to drink lots and lots of green tea and slave away painting every night from 5-11pm to stave off the munchies. And even then, I don't think I'll make the weight loss goal.

Ha, it's pouring again, so if I had started walking, by now I would be soaked. (Always nice to know that I predicted correctly, but I really really really need a walk.) I can't get into a brisk walk at the mall. Slow people stop me, something catches my eye, or I smell a Cinnabun and my mojo dissipates.

I don't have much else to write about, and I still have 45 minutes of lunch left.

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