Sunday, March 7, 2010

185 minutes for the week

Hi there! It's been a few days. First off, we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary today by going to our favorite restaurant. And I got some beautiful diamond earrings! I am a notorious earring loser, so we'll see how long they stay in my ears...

I'm keeping my exercise log elsewhere on the internet. For the past week, I've logged 185 minutes. My goal is 800 minutes for March, so I'm on track for meeting that. Not that my exercise has anything to do with any sort of weight loss, but - hey - I'm trying! Well, I didn't really "try" at the restaurant tonight when I had 8 pieces of bread, a bowl of chowder, 2 desserts, & mashed potatoes. :)

The kitchen remodel starts tomorrow! We spent the weekend moving everything in our cabinets to other locations in the house. The new cabinets are in the dining room, and the worst week of kitchen mayhem will ensure. Hopefully most of it will happen this week (i.e., the especially icky part). Appliances will be delivered this next Saturday, and hopefully the appliances install & backsplash & other finishing touches will happen next week & then we'll be back in business!

I want to get back to more of my fun blogs. I have great blog ideas when I can't sleep at 2am, but then I don't write them down & they never seem to come back into my head at the right time.

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