Thursday, March 25, 2010

A much needed day off

I took today off. Of course, I had high ambitions for the day. Like I was going to make the laundry soap, make 3,450 freezer meals, catch up on chores, find a new kitchen table and find some patio furniture, do some other errands (like find some floodlights & a nightlight for Miss J's room, check granite colors), exercise for 2 hours, and solve all the problems of the world. Oh yeah, it was a long list that was nearly impossible to tackle in, oh, say 8 hours.

However, with the exception of making the laundry soap and solving all the problems of the world, I at least made a dent in each of the items. Not a massive dent by any means, but some progress.

Making freezer meals: I cooked 5 lbs of lean ground turkey & 6 lbs of chicken. I cut up the chicken.

Catching up on chores: I cleaned the kitchen window, which got dirty after putting in the backsplash, & did 2 loads of laundry.

Find a new kitchen table: achieved! It will be here in 2 weeks.

Find patio furniture: S and I decided on what we want. Now I have to go buy it.

Errands: Bought 2 nightlights. Got CFL floodlights. Lowe's had them for $7 each. I bought a few. Then I went to Home Depot and saw them for $4, so I bought more. Then I went to Fred Meyer and saw them for $2. Bought more. Then I returned the ones I bought at Lowe's and Home Depot. (Cuz I'm frugal like that) I also went to the granite place and looked at all the granite options and saw if the frontrunner would go with the cinnamon toast master bathroom and if it would also go with the burgundy we plan to paint the powder room. It seems to, so that's good!

Exercise for 2 hours: Not quite. Only 70 minutes. What is very cool about the place we live is that the entrance to a state park is only 8 houses away. It's a huge wooded area with lots of nature trails. I LOVE IT! I wandered around the trails for 70 minutes, and it was quite an adventure. Many parts of it are very steep. I climbed "Heart Attack Hill" (there's a sign that says it), and there's some really cool scenic spots. I can't wait to take pictures of the park. I think I can blow a few of them up & frame them! :)

All in all, in retrospect I suppose it was a pretty productive day.

Onward to Friday! Woohoo!

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