Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Boring Stuff

Tonight I did 60 minutes of exercise. 25 minutes of the Shred, and then I did a 35 minute walk, which included a 4-5 minute jog and a ton of walking uphill. It felt really good. And this month I better LOSE weight. Oh yeah, I neglected to mention that I gained a few pounds last month. 600 minutes of exercise doesn't have a whole lot of correlation with weight loss. I know, I know, I said that my goal was to put in the 600 minutes of exercise, and hopefully weight loss would follow. And it didn't. So this month I'm making my goal 800 minutes, and there had better be a weight loss or I might just kick my trainer in the shin. Which would be me (the trainer), and I'm sure you all would like to see me kick myself in the shin!

Tomorrow we're going to buy the appliances for the new kitchen (sans the fridge, which we bought last Saturday). We're going to schedule the delivery of all of the appliances for the 13th. Appliance shopping has been wearing. We decided on a titanium fridge so that we would minimize fingerprints & be able to use magnets. It's an LG fridge that DOESN'T have the water/ice in the door. We never use the water, our current ice from the outside doesn't work well so we rarely use that, and then the water/ice in the door takes up valuable door space. S's parents will complain, but oh well...it's our fridge, not theirs. The other appliances we knew didn't have to be the LG brand, but they have to all be the same brand. The very difficult appliance turned out to be the dishwasher. We want hidden controls (on top) so that Julia couldn't play with it. We didn't want to hear the dishwasher throughout the whole house; we have a big house, that's kind of impressive. We wanted good reviews. We're ending up spending a ton on this dishwasher. It's a GE Profile. So then we had to find a GE range and microwave to match. We debated the features we wanted in a range and finally, finally came to a decision. I confirmed the price through Sears tonight, and S will go in person tomorrow to purchase. Woohoo!

We also picked out cabinet hardware. That took a few trips to Home Depot/Lowe's. Since we finally decided, I'm going to go buy them tomorrow.

We got the chandelier in today. I ordered it initially over 2 weeks ago from Lowe's. It was an epic trial to get it ordered. 4 employees took 20 minutes huddled around a computer. They called me a couple of days later to say they did it wrong, issued me a refund, and then reordered it. It's been 2 weeks, and it was only supposed to take 7 days. Today I got a call saying it came in. I go to pick it up, and it takes 20 minutes for them to find it. Lesson learned: do not special order from Lowe's.

Bank of America earned a credit and a demerit today. The credit was for following through with the incentive they gave me for opening that checking account I didn't want. The demerit is for our refinance falling into some sort of black hole. I call or e-mail our loan officer every stinkin' day, and he blames someone else for the long lag. The thing is: we have to sign the papers before March 13th or we owe another $500 for an appraisal because 120 days has lapsed since the last appraisal. I hate nagging people to do their job. Our refinance should be easy peasy. We're not borrowing that much and have great credit scores.

Parenthood is starting soon. It's one of the only shows I want to watch. That and Big Bang.

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Melissa said...

Sounds like you are making a ton of progress with the house.

I watched Parenthood last night. It was pretty good.