Thursday, March 28, 2013


I'm in the mood to write a long, random post. I doubt I can get very far before I fall asleep, but here it goes:

  • I don't know how people travel a lot for their jobs. I've traveled once this week and once last week, and I feel exhausted. So exhausted that last Saturday night I slept 11 hours & I also slept for 11 hours on Monday. I feel like I'm back in college when I would play and burn the 3am oil (either playing or studying) for several days in a row and then go to my boyfriend's place on Friday night and pretty much be comatose for 15 hours straight. 
  • Although I'm supportive of gay marriage, I didn't change my profile picture. 
  • Despite being overworked, I'm good. I feel really good. I've made some poor choices when it comes to food (especially while traveling), but overall it's okay.
  • I've been more strategic with my exercise this month. I went to the gym 2x (once at the hotel gym and once I did a drop-in at the gym down the street). Instead of going to the elliptical by default when exercising at home or even at the gym, I've been more deliberate about target toning - abs, arms and legs. I can't really *see* a difference, but I *feel* a difference, if that makes any sense.
  • Went to Vegfest. I was hoping to get my antioxidant levels checked again (since I rocked that test last year), but they were charging this year. I'm cheap, so I didn't get it done.
  • My mom has sent me at least 12 e-mails about Easter dinner (we're hosting it). I want to tell her that I won't even be thinking about it until Saturday, so don't bug me. Yet I'm trying to be more patient and kind, so I'm responding "Sure whatever" to her 12 e-mails. I wonder if she notices. :-)
  • Still here. More later. I feel like an accountant because this is my really busy season at work.

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